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5 Best Careers in Digital Marketing to Consider in 2020

Want to be part of an exciting industry? Then digital marketing is definitely a career path to consider. It has many positions for both creative and analytical thinkers.

But this industry changes fast, so you must be smart when picking your next post. It’s important to position yourself in such a way that you can move with the current trends. Make sure you have the skills that employers need and that will set you apart from all the other hopefuls that want to land the ‘perfect job’.

We summarised five of the best careers in digital marketing you can consider in the current market. Pursue positions in these areas and 2020 will be YOUR year.

Social Media Manager

These days, no business will make an impact without marketing on social media. But it takes time and effort that few business owners are willing to sacrifice. So, be the person that:

  • Understands the audience
  • Creates the content
  • Engages with the audience on behalf of the business

It requires skill to create content that not only advertises, but content that converts.

SEO Specialist

SEO is the buzz word when it comes to digital marketing and it’s not likely to change any time soon. With more and more people finding information, services and products through search engines, search engine optimisation is vital for all businesses. Picking this as your career path should give you some peace of mind about securing work for years to come.

It’s also stimulating to work for an SEO company, because there are regular changes in algorithms. And it’s the SEO experts’ responsibility to stay up to date with these adjustments so they know what content will give the client the most exposure.

For example, it’s important that all content is mobile friendly. More and more consumers use their portable devices, rather than their desktop computers, to access information. Whether consumers are shopping or looking for entertainment, SmartPhone responsiveness is key for effective marketing and without it, search engines won’t rate your site very high.

It’s up to SEO specialists to manage these requirements on the client’s behalf.

Data Analysis

Digital marketing success is often dependent on data. AI is used to analyse data for various aspects of this industry:

  • To prove ROI in order to allocate funds to the correct projects
  • Understanding audience needs
  • Measuring impact of each marketing campaign

While AI is used, it’s up to knowledgeable data analysts to ensure AI—with a focus on machine learning—can deliver what the business requires. Do you have communication skills to share findings with business leaders? You’ll also need a background in scripting languages.

Email Marketing Experts

Despite email being around for so long, it’s still one of the most effective methods to market a company. But it has to be done right:

  • Content must be persuasive
  • Both text and visual mediums are important
  • Campaigns must be personal, or they will be seen as spam
  • You must know how to use and maintain databases with contact information

User Experience Expert

A campaign isn’t successful simply because you advertise the best product at the lowest prices. Because there are so many options available and consumers enjoy freedom of choice, effective marketing is all about creating a positive user experience. That results in return customers.

Why the need for ‘return customers’? Because it’s more profitable to have regular, loyal customers than trying to persuade a new lead to commit to a purchase.

A customer experience where you meet all the needs of the individual is what turns a visitor into a loyal supporter. And successfully creating these experiences is what will set one brand apart from the rest. An expert that knows how to manage customer experiences and secure their loyalty through perfectly executed campaigns will become extremely valuable to all brands.


Here’s an interesting fact: many of these roles are still evolving. Some of them may not even have standardised names yet. It’s up to you to read the details of job descriptions and discover the ones that relate to your current skillset and that can possibly open the door to that dream job you’re hoping for.

And if you need a specific skill to secure a position, now is the time to take action and get relevant training. Digital marketing is a growing industry so any skill you can add to your resume will be a long-term investment.

Have any suggestions for other hopefuls? Leave your comments below and let’s help each other make it in this exciting market.


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