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Where can you find independent reviews of investment platforms?

Technology plays a vital role in society now. Since the birth of the internet, we have seen great strides made in areas like smartphones, cloud computing and smart technology. The ever-expanding reach of the tech sector has not only made its way into our daily lives but also other areas too. Investing is a classic example of this in action – whether you invest as a career or simply to make some extra money, technology will have changed how this happens for the better.

Anyone can invest money into assets online with just a computer, some starting capital and an internet connection. Automated trading robots can make this even simpler by handling the process of investing for you. Key to investing successfully though is finding the right platform, software or broker to work with. This will affect not only how secure your confidential personal data is but also how enjoyable your investment journey is.

Although every platform or website will tell you it is amazing, you cannot always believe what you read. Before you sign-up with anyone, you should find independent reviews of the platform in question to confirm it is legit. But where are the best places to invest?

Online comparison sites

One of the best ways to go about finding independent reviews of any software, platform or broker you may use is via the internet. Online comparison sites are definitely worth looking at here as they give a totally unbiased view of the various platforms available in any given sector. These comparison sites mean you have all the information you need at your fingertips, without having to do all the hard work yourself. It is also very easy to find sites like this for any type of investment sector with a quick online search. If you plan to use automated software to trade cryptocurrency, finding a review of the Bitcoin Billionaire app is simple thanks to comparison sites. The same is true for other sectors such as the stock market or Forex.

Online forums

Another way tech can help you make the right choice when it comes to which platform to use is internet forums. There are discussion boards based around specific investment sectors which allow you to engage directly with other investors online. The beauty of this is that you get an unfiltered opinion of any broker or platform, direct from those who have used it to trade with. This is another great source of independent reviews to use alongside the others in this list. Forums also give you the chance to ask detailed questions you need answered or ask for reviews of a platform if you cannot find it elsewhere on the internet.


One tech-based niche which has grown in popularity over recent years is podcasts. These are audio shows which you use the internet to listen too – basically like an internet radio broadcast. The main differences with podcasts is that they tend to be weekly, concerned with one specific niche only and are perfect for listening to on your mobile device. There are lots of investment podcasts out there now and it is worth seeing which ones can help with independent reviews of online brokers or platforms. Podcasts are usually done by industry experts or those with no connection to what they are talking about – this means you can be sure of getting an unbiased opinion.

Social media

social media

This may sound like a strange one as you could worry about how valid opinions you pick up via social media like Twitter could be. After all, anyone can share their opinion on an automated piece of software or an FX broker, but can you believe it? The key to using social media in this way is to only take on-board information from trusted sources which you know is impartial and delivered from a position of authority. This could simply be someone you know who is using a platform you plan to invest through or an industry giant who you could follow to gain tips from.

Getting an objective view is key

When it comes to investing your own money, picking the right platform or software to do so with is key. This will not only ensure you have the best experience, but also allow you to feel confident that your money is safe. The problem for many new investors is that getting a truly objective view on all this can seem impossible. The good news is technology has made it much easier and given us many ways to get this independent outlook. If you are wondering how to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to investment platforms, the above gives some great ways to go about it.


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