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Are You Making the Most Out of Best-of-Breed Solutions?

It goes without saying; large enterprises have a lot of stressful business decisions to make — the wrong choice could cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. Once a company is managing several hundreds of employees and selling a vast array of products and/or services, proper systems and processes have to be in place. Otherwise, you stand next to no chance of providing consumers top-quality customer service.

This is where using the right call centre software comes into its own. A premium solution can help organise your workforce and assist them in focusing on what they do best. Collaboration with software and other organisations is critical. But when there’s so much to be taken care of, should enterprises spend their money on one provider that can cover all their needs or on several best-of-breed systems that integrate together?

Let’s take a look at what a best-of-breed approach can do for your business.

What’s a Best-of-Breed Strategy?

In business terms, best-of-breed refers to the strategy of picking the best products on the market from multiple vendors to help you with specific tasks, rather than purchasing an umbrella product that provides a suite of tools from one vendor to handle everything.

Why Best-of-Breed in Business?

There are many advantages of using umbrella products. For instance, there’s only one provider to deal with who can be contacted about everything, making it easier to get to know the team you’re relying on. Plus, you can better manage all your business operations through one, simplified funnel.

When you do business with a company selling best-of-breed software, you can be sure the product you’re purchasing is made with a precise function in mind. For instance, a call centre solution is just one aspect an enterprise has to cover. Larger companies will also need products to help them handle things like data storage, customer relation management, staff training, etc.

Not to mention, when you opt for a best-of-breed solution, the product is usually catered to a specific niche. As such, the customer service and sales teams tend to boast greater expertise in their fields.

Best-of-breed also gives you more control over your costs. Namely, because this kind of software typically uses sophisticated AI to prioritise more critical functions, and this is reflected in your budget.

Finally, when software updates roll out for the best-of-breed products you’ve purchased, you can upgrade your software without it affecting each of the programs you use to run your enterprise. But, this last point is both a pro and a con. On the flip side, it also means each part of your enterprise has to be updated separately, which overall, might take longer. However, most businesses usually prefer to only experience downtime for one of their systems rather than shutting everything down at once — otherwise, how are you supposed to work?

Use Solutions That Align With Your Objectives

Both best-of-breed and umbrella solutions can cover the majority of an enterprise’s needs. But each business has to think about whether they value expertise or simplicity more. If you opt to take the best-of-breed approach, it’s important to research to find out which product best fits your enterprise’s specific requirements.


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