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How Can Video Conferencing Help Overcome Travel Restrictions Caused By Coronavirus?

The world is currently in a state of panic and confusion caused by the coronavirus, which has engulfed China, turning one of the most powerful states on the globe into a no-go zone – but what does this mean for businesses that have heavy connections to eastern Asia? Travel restrictions have been put in place for many regions in China, with many cities being entirely closed in an attempt to control the outbreak and reduce the spread of the contagious disease. These travel restrictions could have a huge impact if your company relies on China for production, transport, or other pivotal services. The ability to stay in contact with your colleagues, clients, and customers in China without the danger of contracting the highly dangerous condition is vital – video conferencing can help you to bridge that gap to ensure that communication remains strong throughout this worrying time.

What Is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a method of communicating using both video and audio to give an effective route to convey information that is far more engaging than an email, phone call, or instant messaging service. With video conferencing, you are able to converse just as you would if you were sat in the same room, but this time you’ll be able to do so from anywhere in the world. With the current travel bans hitting China, video conferencing is perhaps the most effective way to be able to chat to people who are otherwise inaccessible due to the ongoing situation surrounding the coronavirus, so it’s important that you have a video conferencing setup that’s primed and ready to go in an instant.

What Technology Do You Need For Video Conferencing?

In order to enable yourself to be able to video conference with people from across the globe, you need to ensure that you have a setup that’s capable of handling the demand that you’re looking to put on it. If it’s a 1-2-1 call that you’re intending to have, your collaborative technology does not have to be as complex as it would need to be for large conferences with multiple participants in various locations. Managing your own needs is an important step towards getting the right technology.

For larger companies, we’d suggest getting a custom-designed video conferencing room set up – these can be tailored to meet all of your needs and create a vibe that suits your company. These rooms will have intelligent video and audio solutions that ensure all participants can see and hear everything that they need to, with the added capabilities for sharing and collaborating on documents on the shared screen also a possibility with the right technology in use.

How Does This Help To Solve Travel-Related Issues?

Video conferencing helps to alleviate travel-related issues such as those currently being seen in China by bypassing the need for physically meeting in person, instead giving you the option talk about whatever you need to from anywhere in the world. If travel is restricted for any reason, the ability to seamlessly chat without the complications and miscommunications caused by written messages is invaluable – it allows you to get things done without unnecessary communication barriers standing in the way.

By using video conferencing technology, you may be able to overcome the issues currently being posed by the coronavirus that is posing a serious threat to people across the globe. This could have the potential to cause huge impacts on business if there aren’t ways to maintain communication throughout this tricky time, which is why video conferencing is such an important tool to have at your disposal.

There are lots of different devices and platforms that can be used to enable video communication, from simple video calling facilities to feature heavy collaborative platforms that allow for click-share, file sharing, multi-person connectivity, and device projection just to name a few aspects! With all of these tools, travel restrictions should not pose a threat to your business but may give you the license and opportunity to trial new methods of communication that improve your business processes moving forward.


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