Online Games That Are Ideal For Knackered Parents

We all love our kids. But that doesn’t mean that parenting isn’t exhausting — and, all too often, pretty stressful.

If you’re feeling tired and run-down, it’s all too easy to just stagnate — endlessly scrolling through social media or binging on terrible TV shows on Netflix. However, there are plenty more interesting and slightly unusual things you can do to wind down as a parent.

One such thing? Online gaming.

Online games are often cheap or free, and don’t need to take up hours of your time; they can provide you with 15 minutes of respite during the day, or give you an evening of satisfaction and de-stressing. The choice is yours.

In this post, we’ll be looking at 4 online games that are ideal for knackered parents; read on to find out more.

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Online casino games

There is something that feels incredibly satisfying and rewarding about playing online card or casino games. Plus, you get to put in as much or as little time and effort as you want, making them an ideal wind-down activity for knackered parents.

With the rise of online casinos in recent years, there are now an incredible amount of online card games available to play. Whether you want to play a classic game like poker, roulette or blackjack, or try something more obscure like virtual horse racing, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re unsure where to start, you can check out online casino or website reviews from Online Casinos to find out which are the best — for both beginners and seasoned players.

Web Sudoku

Sudoku is one of those weirdly simple but weirdly addictive games — which makes it perfect for knackered parents looking for a way to de-stress.

If you’ve never heard of Sudoku (although we think that’s unlikely), it’s a number puzzle in which players insert the numbers one to nine into a grid consisting of nine squares, which are further subdivided into a further nine smaller squares. The objective is to fill each square so that the numbers one to nine appear once — and once only — in each row, column and 3×3 box.

Web Sudoku is the most popular online version; an incredibly simple website made up only of the puzzle and not much else. You can choose the level (anything from ‘easy’ to ‘evil’), check how you’re getting on if you want to, and even show a timer if you want to get competitive!


The craze that hit everyone with a decent phone in the early 2000s, Bejeweled is still as addictive and fun as it was nearly 20 years ago.

This online game classic is beautifully simplistic; the goal is to make lines (either horizontally or vertically) of three or more matching gems by swapping two adjacent pieces. Once you make a line, it’ll disappear and new pieces will drop onto the board. The more you match, the higher your score, resulting in bigger bonuses and some surprises along the way.

For players looking for more of a challenge, you can play the advanced and expert levels for a time-sensitive game.

Online jigsaw puzzles

There’s no beating a classic jigsaw puzzle — and now you can do them online, saving on precious storage space (and having to fork out for a new one every few weeks once you complete your current challenge).

There are plenty of digital jigsaw puzzle video game options out there, all of which come with a range of features, difficulty and size levels, and an extensive library of puzzles to be getting on with.

Some of the most popular destinations for puzzle fanatics are Jigsaw Planet (which can be opened within your web browser without the need to download a plugin) and Jigsaw Puzzle (a free app for iOS and Android devices which can be used on your phone or tablet).

Wherever you decide to try first, you’re bound to find more than enough to be getting on with — ideal if you’re looking for something fun and de-stressing in those childless evenings once the kids have gone to bed.

When you’re trying to unwind and de-stress as a knackered parent, your only options aren’t Netflix or sleep. Online games can provide the perfect way to relax even if you’re tired — and have some fun along the way.


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