The Covid19 pandemic has caused all sorts of financial issues for companies and sole traders. Perhaps overlooked is the effect on the charity sector which has been hit just as hard – and is likely to lose an estimated £4.3bn of income based on a report from Civil Society.

This anticipated hit comes as a direct result from Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing measures which are impacting crucial revenue streams that come from methods of fundraising that require some degree of social interaction, from collection tins at shop tills, to buckets held by volunteers outside supermarkets.

To help the charity sector and brands tackle this crisisThyngs – a physical-digital payment platform – has partnered with Charities Trust to help the charity sector by enabling any brand to raise funds via their own physical products & services

thyngs payments service

Thyngs use technologies like  Near Field Communication (NFC) and Apple Pay in every smartphone to make any physical object into a linked payment point. It simplifies the the experience of paying for things, or donating to charity.

The Thyngs and Charities Trust partnership will make it easier for consumers to donate from home using frictionless, smartphone-enabled adjustments to packaging and products which will enable the collection of mobile payments and support for charities closest to their hearts.

The Thyngs’ technology solution turns any physical branded object into a point of sale – in minutes/hours – using smart ‘tap and go’ technology such as QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Apple Pay.  This is an engaging and unique solution that is quick and cost-effective for businesses to set up, and easy for consumers to use and engage with, without needing an app.

Hopefully this idea, along with others, will help charities both small and large to keep open the ability to receive donations during this difficult time and raise the profile of charities that help provide essentials services to those most in need.