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Vaping and Travelling: All You Need to Know Guide

While you may be conversant with all the rules concerning vaping in your country, you need to acquaint yourself with the laws and regulations when visiting other countries. If you assume that those other countries have the same standards on vaping as your country, you could find yourself in awkward situations, or at worse, having to pay hefty fines. You also need to know how to carry your vape kit while on the flight. You must also be aware of where you are allowed to vape and so many other things.

Know Your Destination’s Vaping Rules

In the US, most of the rules relating to vaping are almost similar to those on tobacco consumption. This means that you can vape where smoking is allowed and the products are sold together. However, this is not the case in other countries. Some things to have in mind as you take your vape gear with you to other countries include:

  • Vaping is banned entirely in some countries such as Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, and others.
  • Vaping is allowed in some countries, but the sale of nicotine e-liquid is not allowed. Such countries include Norway, Japan, and Australia. However, such nations, in most cases, allow importing of nicotine e-liquid for personal use.
  • Vaping is prohibited in public places or cars in some countries. It is typically banned where smoking is not allowed.

Packing Your Vape Supplies

If you carry your vaping gear while on the flight, you must put your vaping device and batteries in your carry-on bag. You should also not forget to have your device turned off when carrying it as you fly. Have your batteries properly packed in a protective carrier that prevents any contact with metallic objects. E-liquid can be carried in your checked luggage or the carry-on bag. If you have e-liquid in a hand-held bag, ensure it is in a 100ml bottle or smaller and put it together with other liquids in one quart-sized zip-top bag. You should buy high-quality vape supplies so you enjoy your vape when you get to your destination. To reach a leading e-cigarette manufacturer for your e-cigarettes and other vaping stuff, get more info here.

Be Informed of Airport Vaping Rules

Vaping is prohibited in most airports except areas where smoking is allowed. You must learn the airport smoking and vaping rules before going for your vape for a puff. The typical scenario is that most airports have banned smoking in areas within their security perimeters. As such, you can only have your nicotine dose in the designated areas before passing through the security checkpoint. However, there are a few airports that have indoor smoking lounges as well as an observation deck where vaping is also permitted.

Do Not Attempt Vaping on the Plane

Flight attendants nowadays know about vaping and travelling and will be on the lookout if you keep bringing something close to your mouth. Almost no airlines allow in-flight vaping including in the washrooms. Under no circumstances should you try to vape while onboard a plane. If your nicotine cravings get so bad, carry some nicotine gums or lozenges to keep it under control.


You have to research the vaping and travelling rules and regulations of your destination as you travel because no one will bother to inform you. You do not want to have your vaping gear confiscated or have to pay hefty fines for violating the rules in any country. Besides, the rules on vaping keep changing, so always stay updated.


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