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4 Signs Your Website Needs Immediate Improvement

In today’s digital world, owning a website is a vital marketing strategy to bring more sales to your business. However, updating the website may take a back seat as you find yourself dealing with other business challenges. However, it is important to know that the old website may have a negative impact on your business and result in the loss of revenue.

There are many reasons why business owners decide to redesign their websites (especially by using an excellent service like https://acclaim.agency/psd-to-html-conversion-service), and it is related to their business goals. Here we’ll talk about the most immediate signs that show your website is aging and needs a redesign:

#1 Redesign due to an outdated website design

When it comes to humans, first impressions are everything. So, when users visit your website, what do they see? Design trends change every two to three years, and if you haven’t changed the design direction of your website recently in the last five years, this definitely means and it is time to redesign your website. So, here are some quick tips to help you find out if your website design is outdated or not:

  • Search for articles containing the phrases “best website design in 2019” or “best web design trends” and learn about new design trends on the market.
  • Visit websites such as com or bestdesign.com and get an insight into modern designs.
  • Check your competitors’ websites and note when they update their website design as well as compare their designs with yours.

Therefore, after confirming that your website is out of date from the tips mentioned above, here are some statistical facts that will help you moving forward:

  • If your website visitors are given 15 minutes to read through your website, two-thirds of them prefer to read something emphatic and catchy rather than read something normal written in a normal tone.
  • 38% of visitors will lose interest in a website if the content/layout isn’t attractive to them.
  • 48% of people mentioned that website design is the first factor when deciding whether a company is reliable
  • To fully engage your site visitors and avoid low conversions, you have 10 seconds to convince them your website is trustworthy.

#2 Unresponsiveness and Lack of Support for Various Devices

90% of people use multiple screens in succession with mobile devices. Therefore, if your site does not respond to different screen sizes, you will definitely lose leads and customers.

Moreover, if customers are unable to load your website on their devices, this is one of the clear signs that your website needs to be redesigned. To be ahead of competitors, you must create a responsive and performance checklist to see if your website is mobile friendly and how much support it has for different sizes. This way, you’ll know what improvements you need to make when replacing your website.

#3 Your Website’s Content Management System (CMS) is Outdated

When creating a website, the only thing you need to care about is that you have CMS. Since the content management system allows you to control and manage the content within your website, it is important for it to be updated regularly.

So, to find out if your content management system is outdated, here are some basic questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Can I easily update and manage my website?
  • Is the content management system safe for my site users?
  • Are my extensions updated regularly?
  • When was the last time you updated CMS or plugins?

If some or all of your answers indicate that your content management system is out of date, it is time to redesign your website with a new CMS.

The Site Does Not Generate Leads Like It Used To

Let’s say your website design is nice, the page loads very quickly and it’s completely safe from security risks, but it still doesn’t lead to more visitors and lead generation. This might be a sign of a serious issue, and you need to ask yourself these uncomfortable questions:

  • Is the site filled with irrelevant information? When visitors to your site are bombed with too much information, they may feel overwhelmed and may leave them.
  • Is it easy to find contact information? Ensure that your contact details are strategically placed at multiple locations on your website. Your website visitors should see them immediately when they open different pages.
  • Does the visitor see what makes you special? Visitors should immediately see the great offers or amazing results they will get from working with you within 5 seconds of opening your website.

So, if the answers to these questions don’t match your website’s image, it’s time to redesign your website and improve your credibility.



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