Amazon Crucible Review

Amazon Crucible Review – Team-based Action Shooter

Crucible, Amazon’s first foray into the world of gaming has finally dropped and not without a lot of buzz generated around its release. So today, let’s take a look at what exactly the new competitor to the free-to-play shooter genre brings to the table in an Amazon Crucible Review.


Defining the true genre of a game is usually where a review should start and with Crucible that’s somewhat of a tricky question. At first glance Crucible is very much a Character Based Shooting Game. Players take on the role of one of 10 Hunters to fight on teams to conquer the resources of this new and foreign planet. Amazon hopes it will compete with titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Amazon Crucible Review in game footage 1

And that’s the thing, while Crucible from the get go looks and feels like a character shooting game; harvesting Essence as the game calls it, and exploring the environment is also a large priority.

Unlike other online games where upgrades are bought during the skirmishes themselves; Crucible lets you decide which upgrades you want to gain during the match. And it’s up to each player to gather the required Essence in the maps to slowly unlock these perks. This can result in a very different way to approach the game. Neither aiming nor quickly ranking kills are the main focus of the game. Exploring your environment and obtaining Essence before the opposing team matters as much, resulting in a more strategic and coordinated gameplay akin to MOBA titles.

“We want to make games that resonate with a very large audience of players,”

Mike Frazzini, the vice president of Amazon Games, told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

3 Different Game Modes

This unique experience is backed up by 3 different game modes available at launch.

The first of these is Heart of the Hives were two squads compete not to defeat each other but rather Hives. Hives are structures that spawn drones, providing both teams with plenty of NPC enemies to fight and gain Essence from.

Alpha Hunters is the next mode and takes the cooperative nature of the last mode and completely inverts it. In Alpha Hunters eight teams of two players will face to be the last man standing. Every player is a menace, but also an opportunity, as solo players can choose to make temporary alliances to survive for more time.

Lastly we have Harvester Command which takes the exploration aspect as the priority. In Harvester Command the teams will face each other for control of facilities that harvest Essence. And the only way to win is to gain more of the valuable resource.

Amazon Crucible Review in game footage 2

While it is true that visually Crucible is not the most exciting title in the market; the game holds more secrets than the straightforward presentation would leave you to believe. The game gives a tactical edge to shooter games that few titles can match, and that angle will make it a great game to pick up and play with friends. It is too early to know how well it’ll pick up amongst players, but so far Crucible has all the tools to stand out in a genre that we all assumed had ran out of steam.

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Hope you enjoyed our Amazon Crucible review, for more information take a look at the promo video below.


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