Earbuds are now hugely popular. The sheer convenience of them, couple with combined battery and charging case technology making them an all day experience has seen them rocket in popularity. Losing them though is a very real issue, and so Tile and Skullcandy have come together to create Trackable Headphones

Lost earbuds have become such a common annoyance that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York recovered 1,220 earbuds from subway grates from September to December of last year alone, representing more than half of total items found.

To prevent this, the Tile and Skullcandy engineering teams pushed to deliver an experience that supersedes that of other “Find My” solutions available today. Most notably, Tile-enabled Skullcandy buds are trackable when placed in the charging case, which isn’t available in other solutions currently on the market.

Skullcandy have four all-new true wireless earbuds: Push UltraIndy EvoIndy Fuel and Sesh Evo, all of which feature Tile’s innovative finding technology which is engineered so that each earbud acts as an individual Tile and therefore can be found individually.

Jessica Klodnicki, Chief Marketing Officer at Skullcandy said:

“In several consumer research studies that we have conducted, we discovered that the number one fear of True Wireless users is losing their buds. This is why we partnered with Tile﹣to provide unmatched value to our customers.”

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Once Tile’s global network is activated, the chances of lost devices being found are greatly increased. The Tile Network, which spans 195 countries, finds 90% of all items marked as lost in the Tile app. Skullcandy users also have access to additional Tile Premium features including extended Location History, making it easier for users to retrace their steps, and Smart Alerts, to prevent losing your earbuds in the first place.

Tile is now featured in 10 different Skullcandy products creating a solid range of trackable headphones.