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Mailchimp Tips for Better Email Performance

Email marketing provides a crucial engagement point between a business and its customers. By taking time to develop a communications strategy based on data, businesses can produce emails that resonate with their recipients and drive sales.

However, not all businesses understand how to use email marketing to get the results that they need to survive in the highly competitive digital world. MailChimp is a mass email marketing platform that businesses in all sectors can use to plan their marketing campaigns. With all this in mind, let us discover three ways that you can use MailChimp to enhance your email marketing efforts.

Master the Basics: The Power of an Email Template

When running email marketing campaigns, it is vital that you use a consistent email template. Following a signature style and layout ensures that your audience can take the information that they need from your email quickly and efficiently. Start by including a clear reference to the name of your business. Even if your message is addressed from a specific person at your company, your recipient needs to know that they can trust your business before opening your message and reading the content. Your company name should therefore be the first thing that a recipient sees. Furthermore, it might seem intuitive, but your subject line is vital. Make it short, simple, and personal.

A preheader can also be used to provide a further reason as to why your message is so compelling. From here, focus on a captivating headline that encourages your recipient to read on. Try to introduce the body of your content by clearly indicating what your customer can expect from the rest of the email. Any primary messages, or facts that your reader must know should be included in the body of your email. The actual length of your email will differ depending on your business, the message concerned, and the audience, so be sure to tailor your content accordingly. Finally, always end on a call to action, directing your reader to something specific on your website.

Focus on Visuals and Make Your Message Interactive

If you want to create emails that are engaging and eye-catching then you absolutely need to incorporate images. That being said, any images used should have a purpose. The images you choose must enhance the message of your email so that your message can be strengthened. Images, videos, and other files that are stored in the Cloud can be included into emails using icloud mailchimp integration. You can learn more about this by using some of the resources on the PieSync website. When using visual elements, try to avoid anything too distracting and again direct the attention of your readers towards what they need to know. Additionally, images should be optimized to create a consistent user experience. As a caveat, if you know that your customers tend to use smart speakers to read their emails, you should avoid creating messages that are reliant on imagery.

Videos can be a creative way to get your message across quickly, however, there is always a possibility that your video might not load or display properly on certain devices or in some inboxes. Nonetheless, there are other interactive elements that can be incorporated into your marketing emails to get your audience to engage with your content. For instance, if the recipient can interact with your website directly from your email without using an external link, they might be more likely to follow through with a sale. Correspondingly, it is worth finding ways to reduce the number of steps a customer needs to take between opening an email through to completing the intended goal.

Clarity is Key

The purpose of a marketing email should always be to deliver a specific message or to promote a specific behaviour from your audience. Although you can employ various features within your message to signal that your content is important such as graphics, animations, and formatting, clear copy will get the results that you need. For instance, ‘abandoned cart’ emails are particularly effective at prompting customers to return to your website and purchase anything that was left in their basket. Moreover, by clearly redirecting your contact to their shopping cart, they are much more likely to go through with the intended sale.

Ideally, you should also pay close attention to how your audience interacts with your email content. One of the benefits of MailChimp is that it can be used to access real time stats about your content so that you can track sales and clicks to determine return on investment. Consequently, try to assess any areas of your email that draw the most attention and interaction and ascertain why so that you can incorporate similar elements into future messages. This method of trial and error can also be a highly useful way to work out where to place the most important aspects of your email content.

Ultimately, in order for email marketing campaigns to be successful, your messages must be creative and enticing. Above all, the content included in your emails should be relevant to the recipient and must provide valuable information that prompts your audience to engage further with your brand. Above all, by using some of the fantastic features provided by the MailChimp platform, your emails can raise awareness about your business and even boost your sales.

Looking for even more ways to improve your email marketing efforts? Take a look at this guide for some essential tips for creating promotional emails.


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