The goal is always to make our lives easier, and we’re always looking for products that enable this to happen. We’ve come up with the top three new gadgets in 2020 to help you live life to the fullest.


While few people think about conserving water, or that it might be fun and exciting, Hydraloop is on the move to help you do just that. The device is quite large and looks like a refrigerator without doors.

Hydraloop garden

Its goal is to clean and recycle about 85 percent of your home-use water. It also includes an app to help you stay updated on the water usage and recycling process. You can pre-order it now, but the cost is about $4,000. Still, your water bills should go down so it will eventually pay for itself, and you can help save the planet.


For those who love to watch TV and movies, Quibi might be your new best friend. Yes, it’s a subscription-based streaming service, but it’s not like the others. In fact, it’s only available for smartphones.

quibi content streaming

The goal of the company is to have movies that are segmented into short clips so that you can watch them on the go. Of course, you might constantly be flipping the phone, so you can get different perspectives of the show you choose. It’s supposed to be out sometime in 2020 and should cost $5 a month with ads or $8 without ads.

>> Quibi is free for the first 14 days, then requires a plan starting at $4.99

WeberConnect Smart Grill Hub

Do you love to grill? If so, then the WeberConnect Smart Grill Hub is right for you. This £109 device attaches to the grill and syncs with the smartphone to monitor the done-ness and temperature of your food. You get helpful information and notifications through the Weber app.

weber connect smart grill

While it might be considered cheating by some grill masters, we think it’s a great option for those who want to be part of the party while still cooking. It’s available for purchase now.

>> Buy for around £85 on Amazon UK


These three new gadgets in 2020 are very exciting, even when there are so many things on the market right now. Make your life easier by considering them today.


Written By: John Scudd

One of the Editors for Tech on the Go, I love covering mobile tech and social media. I also manage the reviews we cover so all the writers stay on my good side!