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Two Issues That Might Be Causing Your Company Website to Slow Down (And Advice on How to Fix Them!

Have the pages on your website been a bit slow to load as of late? If so, there could be any number of issues to blame.

You don’t want your site bounce rate to increase as a result of your pages not being fast enough. This is why you need to unearth and rectify the issue as soon as you possibly can. The quicker you act, the sooner your site will be operating at its optimum capacity once more.

Below you will find a list of the issues that might be causing your website to slow down as well as advice on how to fix them. If you want to stand a chance of rectifying your situation once and for all, be sure to read on.

Your software might not suit your computing environment

Not all software is built the same. Certain solutions thrive after being moved from one computing environment to another, whereas others struggle to get to grips with the demands of their new surroundings. If the software application that you use to power your site doesn’t get to grips with your new environment, you will more than likely encounter slow loading times before too long.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this particular problem, that being to use a container. What is a container? This is a tech tool that is designed specifically to aid in the software application migration process. It will allow you (or the developer that you hire) to take your website from its beta stage into full operation without any hassle. Quite simply, if you want to take your website from one environment to another in a smooth and seamless fashion, you need to take advantage of container technology.

Unoptimised images

If you want your website to operate at its full capacity, you need to ensure that the images posted on it are optimised. Image-based content that is not up to scratch will contribute massively to your site’s leisurely loading times, which is why you need to do something about this issue sooner rather than later. Comb through your website in search of any photographs or infographics that are slowing your site down, and be sure to fix any issues that you unearth before they wreak any more havoc on the speed of your site.

To fix this issue, you must:

  • Get rid of any images that are bigger than 1MB
  • Make use of JPEG rather than PNG, especially when it comes to the largest images on your site (smaller icons are okay)
  • Perform waterfall tests regularly

Leisurely loading times and subsequently increased bounce rates aren’t the only issues caused by unoptimised images — failing to optimise your images can and probably will cost you an unnecessary amount of money when it comes to bandwidth coverage. If you want your site to reach its full customer-conversion potential and if you want to save yourself some cash, you need to make the task of optimising your website’s images your number one priority.


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