3 Vital ways to protect your eyes this Summer

3 Vital Ways To Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Summer is here! Isn’t it beautiful? There’s an unconditional love for the hot summer days, bright daylight and breezy and calm nights. You must be ready with your perfect summer outfit, sunscreen lotion, beach hats. Did you forget something important? That’s right, your sunglasses. Summer is famous for its sunglasses as well, you must have seen everyone wear it as eye protection is equally important as our skin.

However, there are many other ways to protect your eyes than just sunglasses. Protection from the Sun led to many inventions in the optical Industry. Hence we bring you the best possible ways to keep your eyes protected with different vital ways.

Top 3 ways for eye protection from the Sun’s exposure

Blue light glasses

There’s no way you are going to spend all your summer playing out on the beach. There’s more time you would choose to stay indoors to escape the heat from the scorching sun. While you are indoors, you are most likely to read a book on Kindle or binge-watch a Netflix series or attend your online glasses.

Notice one thing that’s quite similar in all the cases. The overuse of digital screens. It can lead to harmful effects on your eyes. All our digital devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, iPads and tablets contain a screen that emits blue light rays. These rays are detrimental to our eyes as they penetrate the retina and cause serious damage.

Since screen exposure is under proximity to us, the impacts of these rays can turn severe in less time. Blue light rays after getting absorbed in the eye cause discomfort like eye strain, headache, burning sensation, blurry vision and irritation, itching and many more. We are sure, you must have identified some of the symptoms yourself while using any devices for an extended period. In such cases, blue light glasses help to overcome problems greatly. Blue light glasses are made with the special blue light coating with anti-reflective properties that block or reflect rays from entering our eyes. Hence there is no more discomfort and the risk of developing any progressive visual disease in future.

Prescription Sunglasses

If you wear prescription glasses, then you need prescription sunglasses when you head to the beach in summer. When there’s a sun, you need to block out those harmful rays from your eyes. However, if you can’t wear loose prescription sunglasses you won’t be able to see clearly. The only solution is prescription sunglasses. It’s so much better and convenient than contacts that get stuck in your eyes along with sand from the beach.

If you want to have a wholesome weekend with your friends in the summer without two different glasses or exchanging contact lenses, then prescription sunglasses is the right answer.

Transition or Photochromic glasses

If you are fond of magic then transition glasses are your companions. There’s nothing better and an advanced pair of protection than transition glasses. Transition glasses work as both prescription and sunglasses depending on the need. If you don’t want them to look like glasses but a normal pair of prescription, these glasses will perfectly adapt to it. If you want them to change into sunglasses, then they’ll also turn into a brilliant pair of sunglasses.

Yes, it’s that good! Transition glasses react with sun rays to turn into any one type of glasses. When you are indoors, your transition glasses will be clear and look like prescription glasses but when you step out, the lenses turn dark and act like sunglasses. Due to the sun’s rays falling on the lenses, the lenses adapt and turn dark to fight the rays and shield your eyes.

Go ahead and get your summer eye essential at Specscart. With its new season collection, Specscart offers sunglasses, blue light lenses and transition glasses in a stunning range of designer glasses. Specscart also offers all of its lenses with a free coating of anti-glare, scratch-free, anti-UV and Impact resistance to ensure maximum protection and longevity. Wait no longer to enjoy the summer with your favourite accessory by your side and be a  beam of sunshine everywhere.


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