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5 Alexa Routines You Should Try

Intelligent assistants like Alexa are becoming ever more popular and it is little wonder when she can make our lives so much easier. One of the most interesting features of Alexa are the routines – and there are many that you can try.

Routines are triggered by either voice control or a specific event such as a particular time of day and can include a variety of actions.

In this short article, we are going to be exploring 5 Alexa routines you should try and that we believe you will greatly enjoy. Some assume you have smart lighting, smart plug sockets or other accessories.

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Get Ready For A Workout

Working out at home is a great joy for many people. It is easy to sync your favourite music provider to Alexa and in doing so you can create the beginnings of your workout routine. By saying ‘Alexa, work out time,’ your smart friend will play your workout playlist and perhaps even turn on the air con. What’s more, she could turn on your TV and play your favourite yoga tutorial, making staying in shape that much more simple.

Start My Day

By setting up the ‘start my day’ routine, Alexa will provide you with the latest news, weather and traffic for your chosen area. All of this may happen after she has gently roused you from sleep with a soothing alarm. What’s more, you can include your smart lights in this routine to create just the right ambience in those first hours after waking.

Dinner Time Routine

How about making dinner time that much less stressful? By triggering this routine at a set time each day, Alexa might turn on your smart oven and prepare a recipe for you to follow. She may also begin playing a relative playlist, the perfect accompaniment to your evening meal.

Home Cinema

Is there anything more relaxing than settling down to watch a movie? With Alexa this has never been easier. This routine could include Alexa dimming the lights and turning on the TV as well as presenting you with a list of movies choices based on your favourite genre.

End Of The Day

When you say goodnight to Alexa, this routine will set you up for a restful night’s sleep. The routine can include Alexa turning off the lights and setting your thermostat to just the right temperature for the night. You might also include a meditation or calming sounds (I like Ocean sounds) to help you more easily drift off.


Alexa has the capability to control so many aspects of our lives but what is really exciting is that with a simple command or trigger, she can set off a chain of events conducive to any situation. Why not try setting up some of these routines and making the most of your Alexa.

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