Luminati EarnApp: How consumers can effortlessly make money from their mobile devices

Luminati EarnApp is an extensive consumer network that enables businesses around the world to view the internet just like an average consumer does.

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Why Luminati Networks created EarnApp

Or Lenchner, CEO, Luminati Networks

In 2020’s “digital awakening,” more and more consumers worldwide have been forced to shift their everyday activities online. As a result, online shopping has leaped forward by 10 years almost overnight, and now plays an integral role in the life of the average person.

This sudden shift to online dominance has created an increased need for an open, competitive online market where consumers can enjoy the best possible offers and deals, free from unfair or predatory pricing. This means that everyone, businesses, and consumers alike, should have equally transparent access to the worldwide web.  And this is where Luminati EarnApp comes in.

By opting into this app, you are joining an extensive consumer network that enables businesses around the world to view the internet just like an average consumer does in any part of the world, whether they situated are in London, Vietnam or Texas. Why? With use of web data scraping such open and transparent access, businesses can make sure they provide consumers in every region with the most fair and competitive prices.

When you imagine a world without this visibility or ability to compare prices, where consumers pay more for less, you can see how the role of web transparency becomes more critical than ever.

How does it work?

Consumers wishing to opt in to EarnApp will be encouraged to read the entire description of the terms and conditions – in short, what the opt-in entails.

If they chose to opt in, they simply provide their IP address number, allowing their IP to be used as a gateway for others to see the internet for real. With that IP, businesses can view the internet openly, which will allow them to ensure that they are offering consumers the most attractive products, offers and packages.

Once opted in, consumers become part of Luminati’s peer network.

What kind of businesses use consumer IPs?

All businesses interested in using Luminati’s peer network must first be thoroughly vetted and pass a strict and comprehensive compliance process. Only then can they start using the network.

In practice, how does the EarnApp ensure a positive overall customer experience?

Luminati guarantees that only the consumer’s IP address (there’s no data consumption involved) is used for traffic and only when the consumer’s device is not being used, has sufficient battery power, and is fully connected to WiFi, meaning that the customer experience comes first, always.

How does the “earning factor” work for consumers?

It is a straightforward equation between the traffic routed and demand. Once the redeem tab becomes active, consumers can collect an Amazon gift voucher.

Very important to note

Any consumer at any given moment can easily opt out. In addition, Luminati’s peer network is compliant with both American (CCPA) as well as European (GDPR) standards. This means that consumers and their data are always fully secured.

Now, all that’s left to do is to opt in and collect earnings – your mobile phone can easily make money with a simple, single click.

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