Adidas has recently released their latest in-ear headphones, the RPD-01’s. Joining the likes of the Beats BeatX headphones but at a slightly higher price of $99, the RPD-01’s aim to set the new standard for fitness-focused audiophiles while maintaining the sleek Adidas branding – check out my Adidas RPD-01 Headphones Review.

The Adidas RPD-01 Package

First Impressions

Adidas set the tone straight out of the box (pun intended) with the RPD-01 headphones, the attention to detail on the packaging and paper-wrapping of the headphones themselves made them exciting to unbox and gave me a real feeling of excitement!

The headphones come beautifully wrapped inside a paper-wrapping, sealed with a simple Adidas circular sticker, and a collection of extra earbud attachments also come delicately displayed like a buffet of silicone ear fittings.

Like most electronic items sold today, the RPD-01 headphones came with a generous 70% charge, though like most I would recommend giving them a full charge before taking them for a spin. Adidas claims the RPD-01’s to have an 11-hour battery life which is quite accurate but closer to 10 hours.


Given the fitness focus of the RPD-01 headphones, the controls need to be simple, yet functional, available but not intrusive.

Overall the headphones only have four buttons, three on the right and one on the left.

The central right button turns the headphones off and on with a short 3-second hold, accompanied by some nice tones to indicate the actions, a slightly longer hold will also trigger the Bluetooth search function, also featuring a nice tone to let you know they have connected to a device. the remaining right-hand side buttons act as volume controls which give you three short tones to let you know you have reached maximum volume.

The remaining solo button on your left-hand side acts as a voice control trigger button, while not terribly useful the button still functions well.

A buffet of RPD-01 earbuds

Sound Quality

As soon as I pressed play on Spotify I was impressed with the quality of the RPD-01’s, especially given their size and lack of being “over the ear” headphones!

Wearing the RPD-01’s around the house as an initial test, the maximum volume was borderline too much to handle, which is a good thing in my book, but the true test came from how they handle while running the mean streets of Wiltshire.

The RPD-01’s come with the subtle background white-noise which gives them a pretty solid noise-canceling effect, which is great for focus. When outside and around traffic, the previously ‘too much to handle’ maximum volume level was now the perfect level (for myself) and they did a surprisingly good job of cutting out the noise of the traffic by around 80%, with only large lorries really cutting through the music.


Adidas did a great job in the comfort department when designing the RPD-01’s, to the point where these headphones are now my daily riders, from phone calls and running, to job interviews (yes really, I wore them for a Google Meet Technical Evaluation). The pre-fitted earbud attachments fitted me great straight out of the box and held in place very well. The neckband didn’t appear to bounce too much during running and I only had to readjust the earbuds once per ear during my initial 1-hour run.


Hope you enjoyed my Adidas RPD-01 Headphones Review. If you’re in the market for a new pair of running headphones, that are also stylish enough to wear while video conferencing or walking around town without breaking the bank then the Adidas RPD-01 are a solid contender. With sleek branding, excellent comfort, and great sound quality there aren’t many reasons not to take a look at the RPD-01 headphones.

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