Tech Sector Tops Dream Job List

A new report commissioned by Samsung asked 3,000 16 to 18-year-olds what their dream job was and the Tech Sector came out top.

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A new report commissioned by Samsung asked 3,000 16 to 18-year-olds as they prepare to make decisions about their futures shows 71% of British teenagers are not considering following a traditional job role like their parents, with over 4 in 5 (85%) saying they’d consider a career in the tech sector and social media.

The new report launches Samsung’s Alternative Careers Guide which aims to inspire young people about the opportunities available as they come to a crossroads, making the leap from school to higher education, apprenticeships or entering the job market.

The Tech Sector Tops Dream Job List

The jobs most 16 to 18-year-olds are interested are listed below, many of them making changes to their thinking based on the recent lockdown caused by Covid 19.

Over two thirds (73%) said they have changed their education plans because of the pandemic, with 41% revealing they’re no longer going to university and over half (64%) admitting they’re rethinking their career choice completely as a result of the changes brought about by Covid-19.

Top 10 Alternative Careers

1.       Social Media Influencer (72%)
2.       App Developer (68%)
3.       Video Game Developer (62%)
4.       Smart Home Designer (54%)
5.       3D Prop Designer (48%)
6.       Software Developer (46%)
7.       Vaccine Developer (45%)
8.       Drone Operator (44%)
9.       Social Media Manager (44%)
10.   Forensic Computer Analyst (43%)

Almost every British teenager polled (91%) say they see the idea of having just one career as the stuff of yesteryear and they fully expect to have a portfolio of different careers during their lifetimes. This is an interesting reflection on Tech Sector Tops Dream Job List.

>> Samsung have done a video content series hosted at which shines a spotlight on the most coveted new tech careers

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