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The Future of VR Mobile Gaming

For quite a few years now, virtual reality has been hyped as the next big thing, and although it has certainly made waves and advances since the days of interpretations in the likes of The Lawnmower Man, VR still has not quite reached that pivotal moment where there is no turning back. But that moment will come, and it will begin with gaming.

The Beginning of Modern VR Mobile Gaming

Things really started to change with VR gaming when Oculus wowed the world in 2013 with its prototype DK1 headset. Meanwhile, Google was showing off what could be accomplished with augmented reality gaming with its rather clumsy-looking Glass headset.

Today’s Games

There are now a wide variety of VR games you can play on different devices, including mobile devices. Games like Raw Data and EVE: Valkyrie have both been critically acclaimed for their natural and immersive gameplay. And there are loads of great VR and AR games on Android and iOS now, such as Dino Trek, Orbulus, and WAA! The number of VR games and game genres is growing all the time, and the future has endless possibilities. For instance, just think what it will be like to walk into a virtual casino online and head towards the roulette table with a Martini in your hand. VR is undoubtedly the future of mobile gaming, even if it has not met with mainstream acceptance quite yet.

Mobile Devices and Headsets

VR mobile gaming is pretty much restricted to iOS and Android at present, but as VR games become more popular, they are sure to make their way to more and more devices in the future. The main headset options at the moment are the Magic Leap and the HoloLens. The high cost of those headsets for many gamers is one crucial reason why VR mobile gaming has not quite tipped the balance and taken off in a major way yet. But as history shows, almost every new technology once reserved for the rich becomes affordable to all over time. As new headsets and products are developed, you can expect to see prices fall in the not too distant future.

The good news is, there are ways of turning your phone into a VR headset without needing to pay out a fortune. The most popular ones are Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and Daydream. The smartphone-powered Gear VR was launched in 2015, allowing Samsung Galaxy owners to mount their phones in the headset for a much more affordable price than a traditional headset. Google’s ultra-budget cardboard headset was an excellent way to introduce the masses to mobile VR gaming, and the Daydream was well designed and provided a remote control that was much better than the first-generation Gear VR’s touchpad. However, the second-generation Gear VR does come with a remote. LG also decided to launch a headset when it released the LG G5, but unlike headsets such as the Gear VR, it plugged into your smartphone via a cable, which meant the headset was lighter and more comfortable to wear.

The Future of VR Mobile Gaming

All of the current headsets on the market still do not feel quite right. The designs need to be refined, and small changes need to happen. They feel a little like the flip-top mobile telephones of the early 21st century. However, developers are busy in the background coming up with new ideas. Apple is rumoured to be working on a mixed-reality headset, which could potentially bring both virtual reality and augmented reality into the mainstream at long last. However, little has actually been confirmed by Apple yet. Though you can be sure that other developers are sitting on ideas and products, even if they will not become available for some while. In the meantime, as the world awaits the tipping point of VR gaming becoming the mainstream norm, you can still play some fantastic VR games on your mobile devices today!


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