Ring Always Home Cam Flying Drone Anounced

The Ring Always Home Cam is a flying security drone that can auto-deploy on a motion or noise alert, and notify you while you're away.

ring always home camera and drone

Amazon owned Ring have unveiled plans for a new security drone. The Ring Always Home Cam is a flying security drone that can auto-deploy on a trigger such as motion or noise and alert you while it moves to the source of the alert.

It is designed to activate only when residents are out, and streams live footage of what it sees to your smartphone allowing you to determine if the event is real or a false alarm.

The Ring Always Home Cam travels on a set path you designate — it can’t be controlled manually. When it deactivates it automatically returns to its charging base and docks itself. When docked the camera is completely obscured by the base station, at attempt by Ring to reassure customers of their privacy when at home.

The device is set to cost $250 (£192) when it goes on sale. It has HD live streaming and a 5-minute runtime, and takes about an hour to charge when it returns to base. It integrates with the Ring Alarm Security Kit and is equipped with “obstacle avoidance technology” which will allow it to navigate safely around your house without knocking over your priceless vase! It’s also been engineered to be ‘noisy’ so there’s no chance of missing it as it whizzes around your head….


Currently the Ring Always Home Cam will only be available in the USA, only works indoors, and is currently limited to one floor of a building.

Ring Security

Ring has also announced end-to-end encryption in the Ring app’s Control Centre coming “later this year” in an effort to improve the security of its devices plagued by numerous reports of compromises over the last year.

Its hard not to see the potential headlines now or hacked and controlled Ring drones chasing occupants around their own home. Before releasing this product, the security of this product needs to be absolutely rock solid – something Ring hasn’t had a good track record of so far.

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