Starbucks Changes Rewards Stars System

Starbucks Changes Rewards Stars system so that they are now earnt per £1 spent rather than per transaction making it easier to earn rewards.

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Starbucks has announced they are changing their rewards stars system, which for most people will mean its easier to earn free drinks. People seem to either love or hate the taste of Starbucks coffee. I personally like it, and have found the latte combination I like best. I don’t do the frappuccino thing, or the sugar-laced strawberries and creak drinks. But I also enjoy the in store experience. Anyone who has to work remotely, or spends days on the road knows finding a place you can work efficiently is vital. And for me that is Starbucks.

Earning Starbucks Stars gets to benefits – a free drink every 15 stars and Gold status after 50 starts (within a single year) which then gave you a free extra espresso  show, and free whipped cream, if you wanted either.

Starbucks Changes Rewards Stars

Under the current system you earn one star per purchase which could be a coffee, or an entire order of 5 coffees. It didn’t matter.

This led to some people putting through large orders individually in order to get the most stars out of that transaction. You could also game the system slightly by buying something cheap, the chocolate coins and biscuits at the till could earn you a start for £.50 or £1, but for the majority of people they would earn a star for the purchase of 1 or 2 drinks meaning £3-£6 per star.

The New Stars System

The new system has changed, to what will ultimately be a fairer system for the majority of customers. You now earn Stars based on your spend value. For every £1 you spend, you
collect 3 Stars.

A free drink has changed to 150 stars. Gold level has increased to 450 Stars within a year. They’ve also introduced the benefit from the USA rewards system – a free drink on your birthday!

If an average drink is £3 this means very little change from the original system, Gold status would have required a spend of 50 purchases – around £150. That same £150 under the new system would earn you 450 stars which would also get you Gold level.

But the majority of people will benefit. Those that just buy their drinks, whether it’s 1 or 5, all under the same transaction. And used to earn just one star for it.

So overall, seeing that Starbucks Changes Rewards Stars is a good thing, and think it will mean most people will benefit and get the benefits of more perks more often. Track your stars and upcoming benefits through the Starbucks mobile app. There’s no date given for the change yet, but expect it soon before their big Haloween promotion

>> Official Starbucks UK website.

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