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Advanced Technology: Latest Online Gaming Trends

Over the course of the past two decades, the online gaming industry has exhibited several transformations. Now, in the modern world, the internet is home to thousands of casinos with millions of players, all thanks to the rise of the internet and numerous technological advancements.

High technology has been a turning point in the advancement of the industry. For instance, online casinos extensively adapted to mobile devices, and the live casinos improved their interface. So, what are the latest trends for the online gaming industry now? Let’s have a detailed look at the latest online gaming trends.

Implementation of Virtual and Augmented Reality 

In 2020 we noticed a significant increase in the AR and VR systems allowing users to gamble in exciting new ways. With popular titles on HTC Vive headsets and Oculus Rift, the three-dimensional way of gaming has become a big trend in the industry.

Virtual Reality Platforms

Through Virtual Reality Platforms, online gambling is more engaging and realistic— players are able to interact directly and see each other, and even identify who is bluffing when participating in a multiplayer game version. This does not come as a surprise to industry experts as gamblers are already searching for interesting ways to play without leaving the comfort of their homes.

On the other hand, Augmented Reality (AR) is offering a 360-degree surrounding experience to the player, which can also be compared to going to an actual casino. All in all, AR is bringing more realism into the game, and players can see his or her surroundings, including staff, tables, dealers, and other players.

5G Video Poker on mobile

The new year has brought countless possibilities for this growing industry. With the introduction of 5G video poker on smartphones and throughout different platforms, live game sessions have also become increasingly popular, and this is just bound to increase in 2020.

According to research more than 40 million people play poker on a daily basis, which not only offers a new experience to people but also encourages them to try their hand at online poker games.

More Female Players

It is mostly considered that men dominate the online casinos. However, with the evolving times, female players are beginning play a considerable role within the online gaming industry. We have seen in the past that online casino developers focused their products on male clients by presenting appealing images to them. But recently, there has been a significant shift, and now there are more welcoming and attractive features for female customers, such as a broad range of branded slots.

Better and faster Payment Technology 

As every year new methods come to the market and new payment technology is constantly being added by online casinos which can be used with Google Pay and Apple Pay for quick and easy mobile transactions. This way monetary transaction can be processed faster and instant payouts are now a real option for players. Payment methods like cryptocurrencies and e-wallets are becoming more popular, and various online casinos out there have already started accepting crypto-deposits with Bitcoin with an expected growth in crypto casinos for the near future.

Rise of Pop Culture in Slots

There are plenty of themed slots based on successful movies, series and music available out there — from Game of Thrones to Guns N Roses.

In the early days, slots in Vegas featured prominent and notable celebrities who lived in Vegas. Now in the digital era, this trend is used by many online casinos to give fans the option of experiencing their favourite movie or series in a whole different way. With this new marketing scheme, the gaming industry has successfully managed to attract players who otherwise are not particularly interested in gambling, very clever!

Latest Online Gaming Trends Conclusion

Today, the main aim of the online gaming industry is to offer their clients a fun and exciting experience. Apart from providing attractive bonuses, VIP programs, and excellent customer service, the key purpose of an online casino is to provide players with a blend of mortar and traditional brick casinos infused with the latest interactive online gaming technologies, who keep getting more and more advanced.


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