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An Informative Guide About Improving Macbook Performance

Macbooks are great when it comes to their reliability. Many people praise these computers for their performance. It is no surprise to see that even more expensive Macs are sold.

Nevertheless, some people might find that their Macbook starts to underperform after a while. Is that enough to consider purchasing a replacement? No. A poorly-performing Mac is usually a result of a lack of proper care. 

If you have neglected to maintain the computer in good shape, do not be surprised to see that there are performance issues. Instead, look for ways to solve the issue. Here are some tips that will help with improving Macbook performance.

Tip #1 – Clear Temporary Files

Temporary junk files are a hindrance, and you cannot delete them that easily. For example, suppose you want to access temporary data in the scratch disk and photoshop cache. In that case, you are better off using cleanup software that would automatically delete unnecessary junk files on the Macbook.

And buying a cleanup utility tool is a good investment because you will need to remove temporary backups and caches for most applications regularly. It is more efficient to have software for this because removing temporary data manually is a time-consuming and monotonous work.

Tip #2 – Close Irrelevant Background Applications

Look at Activity Monitor to determine which background applications are consuming the most resources. You can sort processes by CPU and memory usage and make a list of applications that stand out the most.

Some apps are integral to the system and cannot be removed. Applications like antiviruses or tools you use to communicate and work need to run in the background regardless. So the applications you are left with excluding those is the focal point. 

See what you can remove completely. Perhaps an app or two are in the startup, and you forget about them after the Mac finishes loading? Or maybe there is room to make some adjustments and get alternatives that are not as resource-hungry? For instance, there are different internet browsers. Try different browsers and see which one is the best performance-wise. Or at least tweak the settings of your current browser, these should help with improving Macbook performance.

Tip #3 – Free up Hard Drive Space

Having only a few gigabytes of hard drive space is never a good sign. Macbooks do not provide that much storage in the first place, and many users transfer their data to external storage devices or clouds. And that is just one example.

If you want to have enough storage space, you will need to regularly delete old email attachments, useless applications, downloads, and other files you do not need. 

Tip #4 – Fortify Macbook’s Security

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Lack of proper cybersecurity measures can be detrimental to the performance. Even an insignificant virus or malware can lead to uncontrollable issues and significantly slow down your Macbook’s performance.

The cybersecurity strategy starts with a reliable antivirus, but it should not end there. Aim to create passwords that are easier to crack – avoid a random word and a few numbers at the end of it. Using virtual private networks while browsing the internet is also a good piece of advice. Installing ad blockers for a browser helps too because you might accidentally click on a pop-up that redirects you to a malware-infected landing page.

Tip #5 – Disable Visual Effects

Animation for the Dock panel, a backlit keyboard, and Visuals for iTunes music are perfect examples of visual effects that offer nothing of significant value. If your goal is to optimize the Macbook for performance, then go ahead and disable visual effects that are still active. You will also preserve battery life because all those lights are quite consuming. 

Tip #6 – Purchase a Cooling Pad

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A cooling pad is a great addition to your Macbook setup. Some people say that it also works as a resting place for an idle Mac, but that is not the cooling pad’s main function.

This accessory cools the system and can become a life-saver for users who have to work on their Macbook when the temperature is too high or stuck in a poorly-ventilated room.

And while a cooling pad will help, it is not the only solution to high temperature and loud internal fan noises. You may have a dust and dirt problem. The filth inside the Macbook also leads to high temperatures, loud noises, and even damages to the internal hardware. Therefore, make sure that you remove dust and dirt from inside the computer regularly.

Tip #7 – Reinstall the OS

When you are left with no improvements after trying everything, there is still the option of reinstalling the OS. The process is tricky for first-timers, but you can find plenty of guides online that have every step in detail, including how you can back up files. Or, if you are still unconfident, why not take the Macbook to a local service store and let the professionals handle the process of reinstalling the OS?

Hope you enjoyed these tips on improving Macbook performance, if you’ve got any recommendations let us know in the comments.


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