Steps in Integrating an API for Sending SMS Messages

An SMS application programming interface enables code to transmit messages via a Short Message Service platform. The API allows you to build a personalized SMS channel for sending all your short messages, such as sending somebody a GIF or text message. Due to the infrastructures of the internet and SMS communications being mostly divided, an SMS API can be used to bridge the gap between telecommunication carrier networks and the broader internet. You can get an SMS API for Java, HTTP, or PHP.

Integrating an API does not only enable you to send SMS messages. You can also receive messages and review the status of all of your messages in real-time. But how do you integrate an API for sending SMS messages? Read on to find out.

Specific Steps for SMS API Integration Differ

The steps you take to integrate an API for sending SMS messages depends on the specific API you are using. Numerous SMS APIs are available, and each one has its own functionality and features. The exact method for integration can also depend on the type of format you are using, such as HTTP or Java. So, the first step is to compare different SMS APIs to find the one most suited to your requirements. Then simply follow the API’s guide to learn how to integrate it for sending SMS messages.

Choosing SMS APIs

You can choose from numerous different SMS APIs. Each one will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Twilio SMS is one of the best for SMS messaging, looking up numbers, and verification. Telesign SMS Verify is great for verification and 2-factor authentication. And for sending and receiving text messages globally, Nexmo SMS Messaging is one of the best on the market.

SMS API Integration from PHP

Let us look at integrating an SMS API from the general-purpose scripting language PHP as an example. The process is actually simpler than you may think.

Step 1: Enter the MSISDN Number

The first thing to do is enter the MSISDN number that you want to deliver your messages to. An MSISDN number uniquely identifies a subscription in a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System mobile network or a Global System for Mobile communications network. It basically maps the telephone number to the subscriber’s identity module in a mobile phone. You can enter the MSISDN number by changing its variable to the number you intend to send messages to.

Step 2: Run the Script

The next step is to run your script from your software or application, which will allow your SMS messages to be delivered to the number you provided.

Step 3: Set Up the Message Bodies as Required

Next, alter the bodies of the messages to send either 7bit, 8bit, or 16bit messages as required. And remove the functions you will not be using from the script. You have now successfully integrated the PHP code into your app, and automated SMS messages can be sent from your application.

Other Uses of SMS API Integration

Once you have integrated your API for sending messages, you can send automated SMS notifications when enquiries at an online directory are made, and send automated SMS messages directly from your CRM software. You can also use SMS API integration to notify clients on progress made on repair work.


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