How to Keep Your Tech Safe While You Travel

As the world starts travelling again, many are thinking about how to stay safe. In particular, how do you keep your tech safe? When constantly on the move, it’s easy for gadgets to break, get lost, or be stolen by pickpockets preying on tourists.

If you put the right protections in place, then your tech will be safe. Use the four tips below to help keep your tech safe while you travel.

1) Get Insured

The best form of protection is insurance. This means that, no matter what happens, you can always get your money back and replace your lost, broken, or stolen item. When it comes to booking travel insurance, make sure it has enough cover for all your tech items.

For detailed insurance information, you should visit Insurance Hero at https://www.insurancehero.org.uk. These experts will be able to talk you through your options and how you can insure more than just your gadgets.

2) Use Hidden Pockets

If it’s out of sight, then thieves won’t even know you have anything expensive on you, let alone how to get hold of it. Many backpacks come with a pocket that goes up against your back so, when wearing the bag, the pocket can’t be accessed. This is the perfect place to store your phone, wallet, and passport. Only keep non-valuable items in the quick access outer pockets. Many clothes also have a hidden, non-accessible pocket.

3) Bring a Spare Phone

In the modern world, losing a phone can really screw you over. It’s your map to help you find your hotel, your QR code bus ticket, and a translator tool for when you can’t read the menu. While you shouldn’t bring spares for other tech items, a backup phone can be a real lifesaver when the worst comes to the worst.

Keep the phone switched off and hidden deep in your luggage, where thieves can’t get to it. Your main phone will be on you at all times and is therefore liable to be broken, lost, or stolen. Your spare is there as an emergency backup should you need it.

4) Only Bring What You Really Need

The less stuff you have when you travel, the easier it is to keep an eye on it all. Therefore, be really careful about what tech you bring. If you really need a laptop to work on, then it’s worth bringing. If you’re only using to watch Netflix, however, consider going without. You can always watch TV on your phone.

Similarly, do you really need a digital camera and a GoPro? GoPros take pretty good photos on their own and many mirrorless cameras and DSLRs make perfectly good videos. Unless you’re a professional vlogger, one camera is probably enough. You can then focus more attention on keeping that one safe.

No item is ever completely safe but these four tips offer significant protection. Insurance is essential and it’s your failsafe should anything go wrong. Beyond that, hidden pockets, bringing one spare phone, and leaving behind unnecessary gadgets are the best ways to keep your tech safe while you travel.


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