Online Jobs to Earn Extra Revenue Featured

Online Jobs to Earn Extra Revenue (You May Not Have Thought Of)

With the gig economy booming, and coronavirus still looming, you might have recently found yourself asking, ‘how do I make a few bucks online?’ We take a look at Online Jobs to Earn Extra Revenue.

The answer to that question is multifaceted. But the good thing is, there are more ways to make money online than ever, even with the saturation of half the population having the same idea as you to use online jobs to earn money.

With this in mind, what are a few things that you can do online to earn those extra duckets you’ll need to get by in the new normal?

eMystery Shopper

Online Jobs to Earn Extra Revenue - eMystery Shopping

Yep, you read that correctly. Online mystery shopping is actually a thing. Mystery shopping is no new racket. Watchdog groups and third-party consumer businesses have been hiring people to gauge customer service and protocols of varying industries since the 1940s. However, eMystery shoppers are paid to assess websites and evaluate their online shopping experience. This includes the return process or procedures, strength of customer service, how user-friendly the website navigation is, etc.

Virtual Concierge

Online Jobs to Earn Extra Revenue - Virtual Concierge

You may have heard the term Virtual Assistant, well this is similar, but it’s more in-line with an online personal assistant than an administrative assistant like a VA is. You could be helping people with event planning, running errands, paying bills, and even transitioning to real-world tasks like picking up kids or groceries if you are located in the same area as your clients. VCs usually charge between $25 and $75 per hour!

Sports Investor

Online Jobs to Earn Extra Revenue - Sports Investor

If you are always neck-deep in sports, you might as well try to turn a profit by putting your esoteric knowledge to use. If you’re a sports expert, online sports betting can yield great revenue. You just have to understand how to bet on sports and create a disciplined system that you follow to a T. When betting on sports, it’s all about a sustained, long-term win percentage above 54%. Don’t chase the dragon when you lose and don’t get over-confident and bet big on specific games. Create a plan and stick to it without fail, it’s also important to open an account at the right place

Become a Freelance Writer

Online Jobs to Earn Extra Revenue - Become a Freelance Writer

Hey look at that, you are reading this right now and I got paid to write the very article you’re skimming. If you have a specific knowledge set, for example, sports —since we were just talking about sports wagering above—you can ghostwrite, guest post, or even start your own blog. It takes a hot second to build a portfolio that commands high earning, but you have your chops and the portfolio to prove it, you can make anywhere from $0.10 to $1.00 per word!

Ethical Hacker

Online Jobs to Earn Extra Revenue - Ethical Hacker

Do you have a knack for code? Did you used to infiltrate your highschool system and change your grades –kidding? Or am I? If you have these kinds of skills or believe you can develop them, white-hat hacking is perfectly legal. In fact, there are companies that employ ethical hackers to try to penetrate websites and there is real money to be made in the freelance market, where top businesses may contact you to try to break into their system.

The difference is, you are not trying to do harm and are not there to steal information or money. Your job is to identify weaknesses so that businesses can improve their online security. This is a highly sought after skill, and you may be surprised to learn that the mean salary for ethical hackers is $95K per year!

Be A Rental Friend

Online Jobs to Earn Extra Revenue - Be A Rental Friend

There are websites that offer plutonic partnership for a fee. Got nobody to go to the movies with, ok … just rent a friend to go with you. Now, depending on the location and its social distancing regulations due to COVID, many friend rental businesses are switching to an online model. So, if you have an electric personality, and are what most would call a people person, why not try your hand at being a professional friend. Accompany people to Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts parties and make a pretty penny whilst doing so.

The bottom line is, it all comes down to effort. If you outwork the competition, you will succeed whether you stage is IRL or the virtual world, hope you enjoyed our review of online jobs to earn extra money.


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