If you’ve built a website, then driving traffic should be your number one priority. While paid ads and building a social media following can be an effective approach, nothing beats getting to the top of the Google search results page. This is the number one way to show internet users that you’re a reliable, trustworthy website. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to make your website rank better and instantly boost your SEO rankings.

1 – Provide Substance

As time moves on, Google’s crawlers are becoming increasingly good at playing the role of humans. In the past, it was possible to rank highly by stuffing keywords, thereby tricking the bot into thinking you had great content. Google is far more sophisticated now and that trick won’t work.

When it comes to writing content, start by writing for a human audience. Provide substantive content that offers useful information that is presented clearly and concisely. Prioritise a human audience when writing your text, then move onto other optimisation tasks.

2 – Secure Your Website

Security is important for both your audience and your SEO ranking, which is why you should work alongside IT professionals to make sure your site is up to standard with the latest security protocols. 

Proper web security won’t just boost your SEO ranking. It will also make sure your site can’t be hijacked by a bored teenage hacker with nothing better to do. The last thing you need is to invest months of work into a site only for it to be hacked with a low skill attack.

3 – Make Every Page Unique

You’re already competing against thousands of other websites so don’t compete against yourself. Each page on your site should be targeting a different keyword. This prevents you from creating duplicate content, which is severely penalised by Google.

Make sure that every page has a unique purpose. An online page need only answer one question. If it answers that single question better than every other webpage, then you’re bound to hit the number one spot on Google.

4 – Prioritise Speed

While you might think your large bright images and flashy graphics look cool, they could be off-putting. That’s because they’re slowing your site down which users associate with untrustworthiness. Authoritative websites load quickly and any time spent waiting raises doubts that could result in someone exiting the page.

It’s estimated that a single extra second waiting time reduces your conversion rate by 7%. Go through your site, stripping out anything that slows your website down. Speed should be prioritised over aesthetics. You should keep all your plugins updated to further ensure a speedy site and implement all these other tips to make your website rank well.

5 – Be Consistent

All of the above SEO tips can instantly boost your rankings. However, it’s important to apply them consistently. If you’re regularly adding new content to your site and updating old pages, then it proves to Google that this isn’t a spam site. Websites age quickly so they need to be constantly worked on to continue offering value to users.