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The Best Gaming Glasses for 2020

One of the first real FPS multiplayer games I was involved with, was Quake 3 back in the late 1990’s. This was the same era as Counterstrike and the userbase was massive around the world. This was still at a time where most people had a 56k modem, whilst some were entering into the ISDN world, with others lucky enough to pick up an ADSL line.

Since the late 90’s gaming has become a massive industry and as of 2019 video games generated sales of well over £100 billion worldwide. As technology becomes increasingly more powerful, so does the gaming world and all of its accessories. Long gone are the days where we used to worry about our Internet connections, now we are worrying more on our health.

Gaming Glasses for instant are just one new product that has entered the market in the previous two years that can help reduce the strain on our eyes, and in that two-year period since they exploded onto the scene, searches for ‘gaming glasses’ alone have increased by 158%. I take a look at the best gaming glasses for 2020.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

With movie like games on the market and addictive story lines we are spending longer than ever staring at screen, and more cases of Computer Vision Syndrome around the world is being reported. This is where Gaming Glasses come into play, as they help block the blue light from monitors or TV screens to reduce eye strain.

Eye strain can lead to some serious health problem, from disturbed sleep, to retinal damage and trouble focusing.

What Are The Best Gaming Glasses for 2020?

Some of the designs are actually pretty cool looking as well, with major players such as Gunner Optiks, Ambr, Hyperx Gaming, Pixel Eyewear, and ANNRI all taking up market share in this expanding product line.

So what are the top 3 Gaming Glasses? Well, that all depends on what you require in a pair and what your personal preference is in terms of the design.

1 – ANNRI Gaming Glasses

Settling into first spot we have to take our hats off to ANNRI who have entered the market with what is perhaps one of the most stylish models of glasses, and just like the Hyperx in third place, they don’t have that tinted lens design but can still block out 90% of blue light. Add to that the price tag of a mere £25 and its half the price of the glasses below so is a worthy 1st place winner on our list. You get style, you get the technology and you get an incredible price that cant be beaten.

2 – Gunnar Optiks Onyx

To be fair, you can’t go wrong with any pair of glasses from Gunnar Optiks who are arguably one of, if not the, market leader. They operate in the US and Europe and in particular the Onyx model has been proven in popularity amongst gamers. Eliminating blue light, preventing headaches and migraines, and relieving eye strain. They also look pretty sleek! In terms of price however, they are at the top end and you can currently pick up a pair for around the £60 mark.

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GUNNAR Optiks Glasses

3 – Hyperx Gaming Glasses

In third place we have to look towards Hyperx. These Gaming Glasses don’t block as much blue light as others, but uses MR-8 technology to allow colours to still be seen vibrantly. This means that the Hyperx range tend to look more like normal glasses as they don’t have that same tint as other brands. Again, these are at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, and currently only available in the US.

hyperxgaming glasses

How Much Do They Cost?

As with any product line you have your base costs and your more premium brand costs, but you should expect the entry level designs to set you back as little as £15, whilst the more premium designs can be over £50.  You can purchase them direct at the manufacturers website or you can head to the likes of Amazon where you can browse through many collections from different brands.

Who Needs Them?

Essentially anyone that spends a prolonged period of time on a computer screen or TV screen would benefit from a pair of Gaming Glasses. We talked earlier about how the gaming industry rakes in Worldwide sales of over £100bn, well did you know that the eSports market takes up over £15bn of that and is said to be growing rapidly each year. For pro-gamers it makes sense to invest in Gaming Glasses, after all as pro-gamers we also invest in other equipment such as gaming chairs, monitors, machines and headsets, so why not Gaming Glasses as well?

Hope you found my overview of the best gaming glasses for 2020, useful. If you have any other recommendations leave them in the comments.

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