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Why Your Small Business Needs An iPad

The iPad has transformed the business world since it first emerged back in 2010. Enabling small businesses to achieve so much more on the move, it allows entrepreneurs to get things done regardless of their location. If you’re wondering how your business could benefit from the use of an iPad, read on.

Do business from any location

As long as you have an internet connection, you can use your iPad to do business from anywhere. The iPad allows you to attend to the financial side of your business, liaise and negotiate with clients, and provide various services. One of the biggest draws of the iPad is that it delivers the functionality and power of a traditional computer. However, iPads are much lighter and thinner than desktop and laptop computers, which makes them perfectly portable. They can be powered up in seconds. Their blisteringly fast processing power also means you can run several apps at once. The iPad makes conferencing easier too. They enable you to partake in video chats with employees, clients, business partners, and other executives with ease.

If your business is looking to invest in iPads for remote working members of staff, then consider refurbished models. Choosing refurbished iPads over brand new will reduce the cost, without compromising on the RAM, speed and storage space needed to operate an iPad for remote working purposes.

Move around freely

The iPad allows you to achieve more both in and out of the workplace. Although the device is associated with remote working, it can also help you get things done as you move around your business premises. This means you don’t need to be sat down at your desk to source the information you need or to perform tasks on your device.

A host of useful accessories

The device also works with various accessories such as the Apple Pencil stylus which makes sketching and note-taking a breeze. The latest models come complete with A12 Bionic chips to deliver even faster performance than previous versions. This means tasks won’t grind to a halt whilst you wait for your iPad to catch up with your requirements.

apple ipad with pencil

Whilst iPads aren’t designed to completely replace your laptop, they can complement it fantastically. Cloud computing services mean you can easily update information on one device and see your changes when you power up another. From remote copywriting, consultancy services, and administration to web design in London, the iPad can make everything so much simpler.

iPad keyboards

New keyboards have been designed for the iPad Pro and Air devices. These give you all the efficiency of a laptop without the bulkiness. Keyboards like the Smart Keyboard Folio can even protect your iPad from scratches, dents, and other damage. iPads can also be connected to full-size wireless keyboards if you’re not used to typing on a smaller one.

The best iPad apps for business

Developers have created all manner of business apps for the iPad to make it even more efficient. There are over 1.3 million apps available for the iPad, so you’re well catered for whether you need downloads for business or pleasure. Some of the most popular iPad apps for business owners include the wide range of Microsoft Office Apps. These include business essentials Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. OneDrive makes cloud computing a breeze, and accounting apps like QuickBooks make it much easier to stay on top of your finances.

As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can use accounting apps to get a real-time view of your financial situation. Your iPad can even be used for transactions, acting as a mobile point of sale. This makes it much easier to sell your products and services whilst on the move.

Access your desktop remotely and carry out presentations

Perhaps you need to access something on your laptop but don’t have it with you? If so, you can take advantage of remote desktop access. There are many apps available that will let you access your laptop remotely through your iPad. As the latest iPads have a USB-C port, you can easily connect them to presentation systems. If you’re out of the office with a client, you can simply show clients and customers relevant content including charts, graphs, and videos on your iPad. An iPad also makes it much easier to show off videos about your products and services on the move.

More effective note-taking

Today, it’s easier ever to source data about your clients so you can cater to their needs more effectively. When you have your device to hand, you make notes during and after conversations. This is much more effective than trying to remember information after. Another massive benefit of the iPad is that it gives you access to vast amounts of information instantly. There’s no need to cart around all manner of paper-based documents, folders, and files. Reducing your reliance on paper can help you cut costs and make a better contribution to the environment.

If you’re not already using iPads as part of your day-to-business duties, now may be the perfect time to change this. Very few businesses regret bringing iPads into their operations.


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