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New Evernote App Review

I review the new Evernote App released for iOS and Android, and see what updates and improvements have been brought to this hugely popular notes App. Evernote is a product I have loved for ages, both here at Tech on the Go and in my personal life.

What is Evernote?

Evernote is a great app that has many uses, from note-taking to idea mapping. If you have something in your mind that you would like to get down on ‘paper’ in an organized way without littering your desk with sticky notes and notepads, Evernote is a great option. It can also assist you while you take notes in a class or seminar, and it even serves as an excellent tool for storing important snippets of information!

You can snap a picture of a to-do list and keep it in Evernote as a virtual clipboard or bulletin board! The possibilities are endless, and you can take total control of your daily organization and information gathering!

The downsides to Evernote are few and far between, but they are worth noting. The biggest issue that people encounter while using Evernote is that the free version is a bit bare-bones. The free version can also only be used online, with an active internet connection. It can also be used on a maximum of 2 devices, including web browser access.

The paid version of Evernote is worlds better and has many more features, but many believe that it is too pricy starting at £4.99/month. You do get what you pay for in Premium though, including sync’ing to an unlimited number of devices and offline sync for when you have no active internet. But in a world of free apps and cheap alternatives, people don’t tend to enjoy paid apps. For what it’s worth, this downside is not a con of the App itself, just the price.

The content of the app is top-notch. The only other downside that people generally encounter is that Evernote has no in-app audio recording capabilities. If you are trying to record a lecture or meeting alongside your note-taking, this can make some people a bit frustrated. However, this can be remedied by opening a recording app alongside Evernote.

New Evernote App

In a recent update with Evernote, we have seen improvements in many areas of the app. Changes involved include expansive note customization options, updated insert button features, single-tap list cross-offs, quicker search capabilities, and much more.

Let’s delve into these changes a bit more to see what new and exciting features Evernote has to offer!

The menu is redesigned, and now slides in from the right dynamically, or minimised back out of the way again.

Evernote App Upgrade Review New Collapsible Menu

Search has been completely overhauled. You now get search suggestions as you type, and you can filter your searches by things like tag, attachment, PDF, URL, etc.

You can now customize your notes by changing the colour of your fonts, highlight your text in a more streamlined fashion, and switch out your font types much faster!

Evernote App Upgrade Review New Rich Note Editing Evernote App Upgrade Review New Rich Note Editing 2

Evernote App Upgrade Review New Rich Note Editing - Add Image

Additionally, the insert button has more open accessibility, allowing you to add attachments, pictures, audio, graphs, and so much more with a single tap of the corresponding icon!

Evernote App Upgrade Review New Insert MenuEvernote App Upgrade Review New Business Card Scanner

The document scanner (which I use a lot!) is also re-done to streamline how you capture information with your camera. The app now automatically recognizes documents, post-it notes, whiteboards, or business cards, and scans them for readable text.

The business card scanning correctly OCR’d all the text in the name and email address, but got a few letters wrong in the company name oddly. You can correct any recognition errors easily in each field. You can then one-click create the contact in your phone by pressing the Business Card button.

Evernote App Upgrade Review New Business Card Import

In regard to lists, you can manoeuvre the text around more efficiently and cross out the items on that list with a swift click or tap of the item.

New Evernote App Summary

With the new updates and the overwhelmingly positive aspects of the Evernote app, this powerhouse of a note-taking resource is still taking the world by storm and topping the charts on the app store! There are new features still coming too, such as Apple Watch support.

There is not much I can say about Evernote that is not positive, and I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their organisation to invest in the app. I highly doubt that you will be disappointed, especially with all of the new and improved features that the app has to offer! Hope you found this Evernote App Review useful.

>> Download and try the Evernote App for iOS

>> Download and try and Evernote App for Android

I hope you enjoyed my New Evernote App Review, if you’re interested in signing up and going Premium, Evernote have a discount on offer currently here (referral link).

Official Evernote App Features Video


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