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Why Are iOS Updates So Important For Gaming?

Technology plays a central role in all our lives now. From how we work to how we spend our spare time, it is the latest tech innovations that drive it along. Perhaps the major piece of technology that we all use each day are mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones. These handy mobile devices are crammed full of powerful processors and digital connectivity.

Many people will now also use them to game with – on the move and at home or on breaks at work. This might be playing the best online casino games, which offer a fun way to fill in any spare time. To do this, many players will first look at an independent review site such as Gambling Metropolis to find a reputable internet casino to game at with the best bonuses. People also love to download game apps onto their mobile devices or head online to play video games.

The king of mobile tech is still arguably Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Apple has sold over 2 billion iPhones, for example, and this looks set to continue with the release of the new iPhone 12 range. A key appeal for many is how good Apple’s devices are to game on and also the regular iOS updates they provide. These operating system updates are vital to keeping iPhones and iPads relevant, as the latest iOS 14 update features show.

Just what is it about iOS updates that are so key for gaming in particular though?


Perhaps the biggest reason why iOS updates are key for gamers is the performance boost they bring. Each update will tweak and refine how your Apple device works. This will ultimately result in you getting a quicker, smoother and more satisfying gaming experience. The previous iOS 13 update, for example, made downloading game apps 60% quicker and saw apps launch faster, so you did not have to wait around to start playing.

In addition, the latest update sees improved gaming mechanics for players. If you had not updated to this new operating system from an older one, then you would not have been able to enjoy this greater level of performance.

iOS Updates Are Important for Security

Next to simply providing a better-performing handset for gamers, security is the big bonus that iOS updates bring for gamers. In simple terms, the best way to protect yourself and your device from hackers is running the most up-to-date iOS. Scammers are forever trying to breach the defences of Apple’s software in an attempt to steal sensitive data or personal details. This is an ongoing process, which means that new threats and new flaws in older operating systems are constantly being discovered.

iOS updates help to fix these security flaws on your Apple mobile devices and keep you safe. If you do not game with the latest iOS, then you are exposing yourself to danger by running a system that is not totally secure.

Access to new features

The hard truth is that you only get access to the latest features with the latest iOS update. If you choose to ignore it and run on an old version, then you will not get the cool new features that the newer version offers. In terms of gaming, this could see you miss out on things that make playing games on your mobile device more fun or not be able to use new tools that your friends can.

For gamers, a look at the latest iOS 14 update shows why this is true. Along with a new gaming centre to enjoy and new console integration, there is also better PC support. All this will not be open to you if you are running on an older iOS. If you look back across the history of Apple updates, you can see a whole raft of features that came in to improve gaming on its devices with each one.

Older iOS versions will not run forever

While this might not be the first thing you think about when updating your Apple device for gaming, it is a valid point. Apple will not continue to support older versions of its operating system forever. This means that if you choose not to update regularly, you could find yourself on an iOS that does not work anymore. If this happens in the middle of a gaming session, it will be very frustrating. Even if your ancient operating system does continue to work, there is no guarantee that Apple will be able to offer help or fixes if something goes wrong with it as you play.

Updating your iOS for gaming is wise

Updating your iPhone or iPad is always sensible, and this is certainly true for gamers. As the above shows, there are a number of reasons to do so. As it is simple and only takes a few minutes, there really is no reason not to update!


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