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7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Using social media might seem like a piece of cake on your personal account, but it’s a very different matter when your business image is at stake.

Social media marketing involves posting regular content to promote your products or services. The aim is to grow your followers and engagement to bring in new leads. But if you go about it in the wrong way, you could be missing out on vital traffic and in the worse case scenario damage your business’s reputation. Find a Social Media Marketing Agency.

So here are 7 social media marketing mistakes to avoid, to make sure your journey of promoting your business online is smooth sailing.

Not Planning Content In Advance

You wouldn’t cook an elaborate meal without some prep work, and your social media marketing requires the exact same treatment. Trying to post meaningful content every day on the spot without planning the messaging, imagery or purpose is – pardon the pun – a recipe for disaster. Social media marketing agencies will normally plan content weeks if not months ahead so take notice here.

Forgetting To Schedule Posts

This leads us on to the timing of your posts, which you can control through scheduling. Ideally, social media content will be scheduled as far in advance as possible. There are platforms such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck that can make this easier. Some platforms such as Facebook allow for content to be scheduled directly through them too. Also make sure posts are evenly spread out throughout the day.

Making It All About You

Even though you’re the one who is posting content, social media is still a two way street. Yes, you are trying to promote your business, but the key is to do so in a way that other people will find interesting enough to engage with. If you don’t have the needs and interests of your users at heart with regards to the content you post, your marketing is likely to fall flat.

Treating All Social Media Platforms The Same

Every social media platform operates slightly differently in terms of the content that gets posted and how it gets interacted with. For example, you can retweet on Twitter but not on YouTube. Facebook is about liking and commenting on posts, whereas Instagram focuses on building a beautiful feed. If you aren’t tailoring your content for each platform specifically, the messaging is going to look glitchy or simply not translate well.

Failing To Interact With Followers

Don’t be that brand that thinks they are too high and mighty to respond to comments or like other people’s content. Social media marketing is just that – getting social with those around you. So when people take the time to leave a comment on your post or a positive review, be sure to engage with them. It will boost your reach and engagement from doing so, which is why it’s not just for show.

Skipping Analytics

Social media analytics might seem like a hassle to interpret, but it’s the only way you can tell if your social media marketing strategy as a whole is working or not. Aspects such as audience demographics, follower changes, reach, engagement and impressions are all there to see. So use this information to your advantage to deliver stronger campaigns as you move forward.

Not Having A Social Media Policy

If more than one person has access to your social media feeds, then you need to put some guidelines in place so that everyone is on the same page. Aspects such as communicating with customers, handling negative reviews and general customer service needs to be covered.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Summary

Whether you manage your own social media pages or enlist the services of a professional social media marketing agency, it pays to know how to achieve success.

It’s essential to tailor your content to your audience and make sure what goes out is not only engaging but professional too.

By also interacting with your followers and responding to them in the right way, it will help paint the best image of your business online.


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