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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Technology

Two decades ago, mobile technology was a mystery and a dream that seemed unachievable. However, it has become a necessity in both urban and rural areas today. As it suggests, mobile technology advancements are benefits that you, as a user, can carry with you wherever you go. It is made up of computing devices, portable two-way communication devices and networking technology. The primary role of networking using these computing devices is to enable sharing of voice, data and any other information from one to the other.

Due to the diverse functionality of mobile technology, it has become more of a user-comfort technology today. For instance, a mobile phone was once used for basic messaging, calling and gaming. Today, a mobile phone is not only used for calls and messages, but is also used for social media and online activities, and other functions. A mobile phone has become a necessary gadget in today’s digital world.  

A look into the latest mobile technology advancements today will give you an idea on how much it has grown through the years. Even though you might not know of some of these technological advancements, you may have come across some of these with you realising. 

Here are five things that you didn’t know about mobile technology. 

Augmented Reality is Being Incorporated into More Apps

Augmented reality (AR) has already been incorporated into various mobile apps, mostly games. Therefore, you might have already seen or played a game with AR technology incorporated in it without your knowledge. However, augmented reality is still a new piece of technology and an unfamiliar term for most people.

Simply put, augmented reality is bringing together the real world and virtual world together. Using technology, you can improve a real-world image (video or photo) with digital information.

With mobile technology advancements, more and more app developers are adopting augmented reality into various mobile apps. For instance, those grasses, benches, or trees that you see on your favourite mobile game may exist in the real world. Augmented reality also adds some little elements that are not in the real world, like that fictional character in your game.

Due to the increased drive for augmented reality mobile apps, more companies are moving to incorporate this technology into their apps to give users a better experience while playing games and increase their sales as well. 

Most Wearable Tech Gadgets are Paired with Mobile Apps

Technology has advanced in so many ways these days. Presently, the tech world has also seen a significant increase in wearable mobile technology. Examples of the most common wearable tech gadgets include tech glasses, healthcare monitors, smart watches and fitness bracelets.

If you thought using wearable technology made life easier, wait until you pair your fitness gadget with your mobile phone. The good news is that you do not have to wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of pairing your smart watch with a mobile app.

With the collaboration between your mobile device and your wearable gadget, you can monitor any trackable information such as your heart-rate, fatigue and stress levels. The main idea behind this concept is to enable users to track their fitness and health journey conveniently. It is easier to compare data and how you are improving after a certain period with a mobile app.

You Can Control Your Home with a Mobile App

Through remarkable technological advancements, you can improve your home experience with mobile tech. Amazing! Right?

For instance, there are thermostats that you can connect with your home Wi-Fi network. These Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats enable you to control the temperature in your home using your mobile device.

Even if you are not home, you can still control your thermostat remotely, making it more convenient for homeowners. These thermostats are an example of the home utility devices that you can control using a mobile app.

Being able to control your home remotely comes down to convenience and comfort. That is the main idea behind the concept of using mobile technology in our homes.

Most Mobile Apps have Adopted Minimalist Interfaces

Most mobile device users have enjoyed the benefits of minimalism in user interface designs unknowingly. Many apps still have many design elements that can be an inconvenience to most users. If you are using an app with many design elements, it is easy to get confused.

The primary role of minimal user interface designs is to ensure that a user can easily use the mobile app and understand most of the elements with ease. That is important because most users today have a shorter attention span. Meaning, most users can get frustrated by slow apps and too many design elements on their user interface.

With that in mind, app design companies seek to make their apps’ interfaces to be both stylish and straightforward. Many designers use various font combinations, bold colours, and multifunctional elements to simplify these user interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence

Many individuals have heard about artificial intelligence (AI). 

This is another technology advancement that can be seen in mobile technology. If you own a mobile device, you might have already used AI software such as Cortana and Google assistant.

The main idea behind using artificial intelligence and voice recognition software in various mobile apps is to enhance the user’s experience. Also, it significantly lowers the time it can take to perfect a task.

Thanks to AI intelligence and voice recognition software, using mobile devices has become much easier for differently-abled individuals as well.


Day after day, mobile technology advancements are becoming more necessary for most people. Whether you use mobile technology for communication or business, the various benefits and conveniences that it offers will enhance your experience. 

It is important that you stay updated with the latest technology news so that you are aware of the latest gadgets and technology trends that can make your life so much easier. If you have a business, you can make changes to your business apps to ensure that you stay updated and competitive in the market. Improving your tech capabilities can help enhance your customers’ user experience and ultimately boost your business.


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