Bathroom Tech A New Consumer Focus

With people spending more time at home than ever before, a new survey suggests bathroom tech could be the next big area for growth.


People have spent more time at home in 2020 than ever before. Working from home (WFH) has had people rethink their home working, and also what tech they have and need. A surprising number of people in a recent survey point at bathroom tech being a new area of opportunity! surveyed 3,561 homeowners to pinpoint the features most appealing and what they’d be likely to purchase for their home bathrooms.

Desirable Bathroom Tech

Of the 3,561 people surveyed, the most popular bathroom tech people were looking for was:

  1. Self-cleaning toilets – 67%
  2. Sanitising bathroom accessories – 89%
  3. Smart showers – 76%
  4. Water conservation systems – 43%
  5. Smart mirrors – 84%

Google Searches for Bathroom Tech

Looking at a wider audience across the UK, average monthly searches on Google, by far the most searched for smart bathroom gadget is an LED Mirror, with average monthly searches for all related key phrases amounting to 73,400 – it would appear Brits are most intrigued by illuminating their bathroom.

It seems we just can’t escape our love for the big screen, as Bathroom TV ranks in second place with 22,660 searches.

In third place is a Whirlpool Bath with 22,660 related keywords googled on average per monthfollowed by a Japanese Toilet, respectively googled 18,780 times per month in the UK!

Rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to an increased awareness of maintaining personal hygiene. In turn, this has led to  widespread installations of bathroom tech gadgets such as automatic soap dispensers. So much so that in the UK alone, these automatic soap dispensers generate 15,150 searches every month for all related key phrases.

The rising interest in conserving water has paved the way for Smart Showers to rank in eighth place, receiving  a grand total of 4,270 searches for all related key phrases.


Consistently, four of the top five searches analysed in the UK and globally seem to be the most desirable: LED Mirror, Japanese Toilet, Automatic Soap Dispenser and Whirlpool Bath.

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