The coffee world is a fast-moving world and one where, just like technology, trends come and go. During 2021 what coffee trends are we likely to see?

Growth in Drive Through Coffee

This one is mostly driven by the Covid-19 pandemic but the convenience of grabbing a coffee on the move without needing to leave your car is proving popular. It’s quick and convenient and with much of 2021 still governed by the pandemic, it provides safety which is something that people are looking for.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Awareness has grown around packaging and this is a trend that is going to continue through 2021. More businesses are now being reminded about their packaging and with coffee sales increasing, more packaging will be needed so non-plastic and biodegradable cups are going to be on trend.

There are many targets set that countries are expected to reach so companies are expected to do their bit too.

Coffee From Local Suppliers

Local coffee roasters are popping up in new places and are providing people with better coffee that is responsibly sourced. It provides a more convenient approach to purchasing coffee but also a personal experience too. Offering their advice over different coffee beans and what they offer turns purchasing coffee into a new experience. Furthermore, they can also provide beans for office coffee machines, giving companies the chance to give their local community.

It’s also good for the local economy too, especially during a time when it’s been extremely difficult for businesses.

Coffee Made at Home

With an array of machines available including espresso pots and traditional methods, more people are going to be experimenting with coffee at home. This is no bad thing because it will educate people over the difference between bad coffee and good coffee. What’s more, it turns the experience of drinking coffee into one that is hugely satisfying and intriguing.

It Will Become More Automated

We live in a world where automation has impacted a large aspect of our lives and now things are taking shape in the world of coffee. Everyone has more than likely used a coffee vending machine but you’re more than likely to see this grow. More of the larger coffee chains are now spending money on automated machines in kiosks which might remove the experience for some but it will provide convenience for others.

Coffee Subscriptions

This is not necessarily new but more people are going to be venturing into the world of coffee subscriptions. As demand for coffee continues to grow and with the pandemic preventing people from getting out and about, subscriptions are going to grow in popularity. This means that coffee lovers are going to be able to explore new beans and have their coffee delivered to them without the hassle!

Coffee is a drink that has gripped the country in recent years but the trends predicted for 2021 are proving that this is going to be another exciting year for coffee lovers.