QDOS UV Sanitiser Review

The QDOS UV Sanitiser review takes a look at this super handy device to clean and sanitise your phone or accessories with UV-C light.

QDOS UV phone sanitiser review - featured

Smartphones and tablets have become part of our life like never before in the last year. We’re using them more than before, and keeping them clean (especially with a surface virus around) it important. I review the QDOS UV Sanitiser and charger for smartphones.

New research from home cleaning specialists Lupe Technology found that 48% of people surveyed have reported increased anxiety with dirt and hygiene due to Covid-19.

QDOS UV Sanitiser

The QDOS UV Sanitiser is a clamshell device that takes any smartphone (up to 6.7” in size will fit) and cleans it with UV light. If the phone supports QI charging it will also charge the handset while it is inside at 5W, 7.5W or 10W.

The QDOS UV Sanitiser eliminates 99.99% of bacteria via a 3minute rapid clean, or a 10minute intensive sanitisation.

It uses UV-C light optimised at 254nm and 185nm frequencies. It doesn’t only take phones, you can also put in headphones, cables or even keys for a thorough sensitisation! The sanitiser also has an automatic safety feature switches off UV light when the device is opened.

Additionally, a USB-A output port means multiple devices can be charged using standard cables. A handy LED indicator lets users know when sterilising and charging are complete.

QDOS UV Sanitiser Summary

This QDOS UV Sanitiser review confirms this is a very handy device, its simple and easy to use, and gives you the peace of mind that any germs your phone has picked up are gone! I loved being able to put other thigs in too, so gave my AirPods a regular clean also!

You can use it multiple times a day, and the fact that is charges your device while its cleaning makes it even better. At £59.99 it’s not expensive for the comfort it gives you knowing your phone or accessories are thoroughly clean!

>> See the official DQOS Gadget Sanitiser website.

>> Buy the QDOS UV Sanitiser on Amazon UK from £59.99.

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