Asda is updating its trolley handles and some in-store surfaces with antimicrobial coating supplied by Addmaster Biomaster. Having ASDA trollies with antimicrobial coating will be a big plus for consumers in the United Kingdom still battling with lockdown and high numbers of infections.

It’s antimicrobial technology is proven to provide effective product surface protection against a wide range of harmful microbes and has successfully been tested to ISO standards against SARS-COV-2.

ASDA Trollies With Antimicrobial Coating

The protection lasts for the intended lifetime of the product, providing assurance and confidence to customers and consumers. It can be applied to products such as door handles and hand baskets within the manufacturing process or it can be added to durable ceramic-based coatings, which can be retrospectively applied to products already in service making the rollout of increased customer protection facilities quick and easy.

Marc Radforth, Sales and Marketing Director of Wanzl UK & Ireland, said:

We are extremely pleased to have developed this solution with the support of Addmaster and our coating partner. To make a difference to, not only our clients but the end consumer.

“As an answer to the pandemic, there is an increased demand for antimicrobial coatings in public spaces and supermarkets, among others. The treated trolley handles of Addmaster’s partner Wanzl is a very good example, and we see a huge potential in adding these functionalities to touchpoint surfaces. The acquisition of Addmaster makes Polygiene a comprehensive supplier of antimicrobial solutions for both soft and hard surfaces, and we see synergies where partners can capitalize on our complete range of stays fresh solutions for any surface or product”, adds Andreas Holm, CCO of Polygiene.

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