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Clubhouse Tips and Tricks

If you haven’t heard of Clubhouse yet, go check it out. Its a new audio only social networking platform where you get to listen and engage in a wide variety of topics that interest you.

It’s invite only at the moment, as the founders build the App and infrastructure to scale globally. While these were hard to come by initially (invites were being sold for $40-$80+ online) they are far easier to come by now. Join a Clubhouse Facebook group and ask for an invite if you don’t know anyone already on there. Also to note, Clubhouse is still only available on iOS currently. An Android version is in the works.

Once joined, setup your account, and start looking around for people to follow and discussions to join. At the end of January 2021 there were around 2 million users so lets take a look at some Clubhouse tips and tricks to help you when you join them!

Clubhouse Tips and Tricks

Your Profile / Bio

Your Bio plays a significant role in letting others know who you are and what you do. You’re limited with how much information you can show. If you want to gain followers, make sure you have a good bio that should give others an idea of your interests, expertise, and profession.

Pick a great profile picture, its something people will recognise you by and will make you easier to recognise in a room and be called up to stage. I’d recommend using the same picture you use on other social networks such as Twitter which helps your friends/followers there to recognise you.

Room Hierarchy

Learn and understand room hierarchy. It goes from moderator, to speaker, to friends of speakers, to others. The chat areas (rooms) get full, so you stand out if you’re closer to the top. Interact and make friends with people and you have a higher chance of being at the top of these rooms, because it’s more likely they’ll friend you back.

If you are called up to Stage, you will immediately unmute. Be aware of this so you don’t say anything accidentally! Mute yourself until you’re actively asked to talk.

Be Kind To Others

This is a voice medium, which is actually an advantage. People ‘hide behind keyboards’ and are often far more confrontational than they would be in real life. When they actually have to speak they are usually better behaved! But the same rules apply. Be nice, be courteous, listed to others and give constructive feedback. Being polite and knowledgeable will get you a lot further than being contentious.

Topic Authority

Are you an expert of authority on a topic? Start your own room to talk about it. Starting a room is straightforward, but its best to be a little established with some friends and followers first. There are lots of rooms, and you want to look like someone who is trusted and likely to be of value to attract people in.

To start your own room in the Clubhouse app:

  1. Open the Clubhouse app.
  2. Click the green-coloured Create a Room button.
  3. Select whether the room will be open for everyone, your social circle, or closed.
  4. Then, click on Add a topic.
  5. Tap Let’s Go to start.

Mute / Unmute To Clap.

Currently there is no way to show appreciation for someone when they’re finished talking. You can’t all talk and once! An established way round this until a ‘Like’ feature si added is to cycle your mute/unmute button (tap it off and on again) to virtually applaud someone. Its quite effective when you seen a whole screen of people doing it!

Blocking People

Clubhouse allows you to block people within the App. They might be people you already know and avoid on other platforms, or someone you disagree with or simply don’t like.

To block someone, visit their profile, click the 3 dots at the top right of their profile car, and select Block from the menu that appears.

When you block someone they they will not be able to see or join any room that you create or in which you are a moderator or speaker.

Hope you found some of these Clubhouse tips and tricks useful!

>> Download the Clubhouse App from the App Store


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