Guide for Newbies in Counter-Strike

CS:GO For Beginners – How to Start

Counter-Strike matured well in its 20 years of existence. We all remember old versions of the game in which we spent long hours playing with our friends online. The most recent version, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, introduced the old title to new generations of players.

The game brought back to life the old franchise and gained the love and affection of the younger generations not familiar with Counter-Strike at all.

Because the game mechanics is something utterly different from any other FPS on the market, learning how to play it might be challenging for some players.

Entering a match as very new at Counter-Strike might discourage you from spending your time and effort learning it. Unless you got the game to sell CS:GO skinsto other players, to be competitive, you’ll have to learn everything there is to know about the game.

The learning curve might be longer than expected, but following this guide for newbies in Counter-Strike, your first steps in playing the game might not be so painful.

Practice With Bots First

The first step we all did ever since the launch of the game 20 years ago is practicing offline with bots. The good thing about playing with bots is that you can set their level as a beginner.

Playing an easy mode will help you get through the fundamental physics and gameplay in the game without getting killed around the first corner. At first, you can use bots as sitting ducks and practice your aim. As you get better, you can raise the level of how well bots will perform.

When you can handle bots on high levels, you are ready to enter live matches with more confidence.

Learn About Weapons

Each weapon in CS:GO is unique in its way because all of them have different recoils and spray patterns. Some of them have more firepower than others have and will perform differently in specific situations.

Learning how each weapon handles when firing them is crucial if you’ll have any chance of mastering them. Playing with bots can get you more experience when firing at them because you will figure out how much damage a specific gun has or what accuracy to expect from it.

When you master the basics, you will find your favourite weapon very fast, and you’ll have more chances of ending victorious by using it.

Different Gear Options

We, the old players, know precisely how a flash-bang grenade can upset us or make us happy. Counter-Strike was famous because of the cool gear you could equip when the round starts. Using gear will later come in handy when you figure out how to use them tactically to your advantage.

You could equip many gear combinations at the start of the round. Finding which will fit your game style best will be crucial for winning the round.

A combination of your favourite weapon and a suitable gear setup makes your chances of winning much higher when playing competitively.

Each of them is unique in its own style, and you can relate to them and become a different persona.


Learning how to handle the weapons is not the end of your training. Learning the gameplay is more complicated than overcoming these basics.

The best way for learning the gameplay is by playing with other players and knowing what to do in each situation you get in.

After you’ve covered the basics by playing with bots, learn from experienced players how the gameplay runs, and it will put you on the right track of learning the game in general.

Different Game Modes

Some AAA titles give you a shortlist of game mode options that might make you lose your interest very fast. CS:GO has a choice of 15 game modes, which makes this game unique in its own way. Switching between the game modes will keep your interest in the game for quite some time.

Within the 15 different choices, these are the nine most popular game modes by players choice:

  • Competitive
  • Casual
  • Deathmatch
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition
  • Wingman
  • Flying Scoutsman
  • Danger Zone
  • Weapons Course

Learn the Maps

Learning the maps is essential when playing the game competitively or just for fun. If you’ll ever get good at the game, map knowledge is the skill you should develop until perfection.

All maps have different ways of playing them, and learning how to use the map for your advantage will help you get better at the game.

You can check out on YouTube how some players use the terrain for better cover or better vision on the opponents. Knowing all the tricks will be decisive when you play with the higher rated players


We were all at that point when we’ve been called “noobs” when getting in the game for the first time. It’s something we all go through when we are clueless about the game.

Hopefully, our guide for newbies in Counter-Strike starting as a beginner will help you reduce the agonizing time you have to go through running around helpless.

Now, go out there and GLHF.

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