Jurassic World Evolution Xbox Microsoft GamePass

Jurassic World Evolution Easter Eggs

As Jurassic World Evolution becomes available today on Xbox Game Pass, we take a look at some Jurassic World Evolution Easter Eggs you should be sure to check out!

Jurassic World Evolution is absolutely packed with all sorts incredible dinosaurs. Everyone knows that – they’re pretty hard to miss. But Frontier’s immersive park management game is also fit to burst with amazing secrets, details, and Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered. From unique lines of dialogue to concealed pirate treasure, here are ten things you didn’t know about Jurassic World Evolution.

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Nedry’s infamous lock screen

For a reference to IT extraordinaire Dennis Nedry’s iconic “Uh uh uh, you didn’t say the magic word” computer lock screen, go into any level and enter the management tabs. These are located on the top left on the build menu.

Then, try and access the fossil screen BEFORE building a Science Centre. You’ll see a familiar message pop up – and no, it doesn’t help if you say ‘please’.

The secret song connection

At any time in Jurassic World Evolution, you can take command of a 4×4 and drive around your park, even opening the gates of any exhibit and going off-road to get an up-close look at all your magnificent attractions.

While driving, listen closely to the radio and you may hear a song called Las Gaviotas. This is the same song playing in the background when Nedry meets Dodgson under shady circumstances in Jurassic Park.

Unique voice lines

When you finish a contract to complete 60% of a Dilophosaurus genome, crisis management head Cabot Finch chimes in with a nod to the tumultuous events at Jurassic Park.

“It appears one of our genome cabinets was left open, and nearby, some type of gaffed can of Barbasol shaving cream was found. Empty. The can looks like it was modified to hold something. Anyway, we’ve got a team investigating…”

Buried pirate treasure

To bring new dinosaurs into your park, you first have to find them. And to do that, you send intrepid teams of palaeontologists to far-flung corners of the globe, tasked with carefully digging up fossils and shipping them back for talented bioengineers to rebuild their genomes.

During the dig, your teams can also uncover actual pirate treasure, which fetches $500,000 when sold. That’ll definitely help fund your operations and maximise your gaming experience.

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