Mobile gaming has been steadily on the rise with the past year in particular seeing a surge of a new users, with a wider a variety of gaming genres now available and changing attitudes toward gaming as a whole, it’s not surprising that many of us are looking to find the device that fills that niche best – with so many different options out there however, how can you ensure you’re picking the right device, and what features should you be on the lookout for to get the best mobile device for gaming?

Choosing A Mobile Device for Gaming

The type of gaming matters

Different games require different specifications, and whilst most devices will suffice for general gaming as a whole, there are certainly some considerations to be made. Games in gambling and betting are amongst the most popular, big bonuses and offers like this 888Casino welcome offer for example have been drawing new players in, and with a rapidly changing demographic to an older audience occurring, it’s no surprise many are doing so well. The other end of the spectrum has games that are a little more complex and in-depth, even those that have developed an esports scene with the likes of Fortnite for example, and both require different devices to get the best out of each – if you’re choosing a new device, the type of gaming you intend to do will help the decision to best suit the device.

Some hardware is more important

Most devices are extremely similar in the way they perform, processors between devices are extremely similar and other features offer little difference. But there are some big differences in hardware that can be found – the battery is a big one, some will offer much longer battery life which could be important if you’re looking for the longer gaming sessions, other hardware like screens have an impact here too as faster displays are now offered whilst sacrificing the battery life. For many this is all a big trade off, and it’s important to try and find a balance for performance and longevity, and whilst it may not be obvious what the implication of either may be, there will often be extensive reviews to help you out with making a decision without the need for trial and error of different devices.

Networking is becoming key

Newer connection options through the likes of 5G are just around the corner, but not all network chips are made the same – if you’re going to be doing a lot of online gaming through your mobile, it may be important to look exactly what chip is being used for different devices and where the shortcomings may come from – you’ll be able to discover where the peak of the performance is, and if you’re looking to make sure you’re getting the fastest speed and the widest band for performance sake, a little research will certainly help you identify which are better than others and which underperform – and is certainly an area where performance can have a  huge impact in the experience you have whilst playing.