Quntis USB-C Fast Charger Review

Read my Quntis iPhone and iPad Fast Charger review, a handy portable USB-C high power charger to get your Apple devices charged quickly.

Quntis USB-C Fast Charger Review

I take a look at the Quntis USB-C Fast Charger, a handy portable USB-C high power charger to get your Apple devices charged quickly.

Quntis iPhone and iPad Fast Charger Review

The Quntis Fast Charger is a tiny USB-C powerhouse, outputting 30W of power allowing it to charge all iPhone’s and iPads, and even the newer Macbook’s that support USB’C charging. It’s compatible with any USB-C – USB-C cable, and also comes with a USB-c to Lightning cable for Apple portable devices.

The fast charging capabilities can save you several hours on an iPhone or iPad charge compared to the standard charger, and sometimes that can be important to allow you to get back to being productive.

The supplied USB-C to Lightning cable is also 2 metres long, double that standard length supplied by Apple, meaning you’re more likely to be able to sit comfortably and continue working while your device is plugged in.

The Quntis worked really well during my review period, you can feel the quality of the materials, and as all my main devices now charge via USB-C or Lightning this is the only charger I need in my travel bag!

Don’t buy cheap no-brand wall chargers as they pose a huge fire risk. Quntus also offer a 2-Year warranty on their fast chargers, giving you peace of mind. If anything were to break or stop working, you can easily have it replaced.


The Quntis USB-C charger is a great handy solution to have with you for fast charging your iPhone, iPad or Mac. It’s exceptional value for money, the build quality is excellent, and it allows you to carry a single adapter for all your devices. I hope you found my Quntis USB-C fast charger review helpful.

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