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5 Trends That Can Help You Reduce Mobile App Development Costs

Almost everyone in the world today has mobile phones which they use to carry out several functions every day.

According to Think With Google, 90% of these smartphone users mentioned that they use mobile apps daily. So if companies aren’t coming up with compelling and easy-to-use business apps for customers to use, they probably are missing out on tens of thousands of dollars. 

However, building mobile apps isn’t something to just stumble into without proper planning, it’s pretty expensive and you’ve got to sit down and count the cost before you set out to create mobile apps for your business. 

Mobile apps cost can be anywhere between $1000 to $500,000, so you know we aren’t joking here. 

Luckily, there are a few tweaks you can apply to reduce the cost of the mobile software development process. This article highlights 5 key trends to help reduce mobile app development costs when building mobile apps. Let’s plunge in. 

Reduce Mobile App Development Costs

#1. Outsourcing 

Among the best ways to reduce the cost of your next mobile app development projects, this one sure stands out. 

Did you know that by outsourcing your projects to software companies that specialize in mobile app development services or software development services you can save between $10,000 to $80,000? 

You see, the mobile app development process is greatly complicated and you wouldn’t spend anything less than $150,000 building a mobile app from scratch. Often, the end price depends on the various functionalities and the country to which you contract the project. 

In that case, outsourcing your mobile app development projects to the global pool of skilled software development teams is still a great cost reduction process that your SMEs or enterprise-level business can leverage. 

By simply hiring a mobile app development team, you could ease yourself of many future complexities, save cost, and allow your team to focus on the urgent and more important tasks at hand. 

#2. Cross-platform Development

While native apps feature amazing benefits such as hardware integrations and superior performance, it’s nonetheless time-consuming and can significantly increase the cost of app development. 

More so, it’s laborious, strenuous, and requires more time because app developers would have to create some set of different codes for multiple platforms. 

On the other hand, cross-platform development offers greater flexibility and allows you to set up software applications that are reusable and compatible with several mobile operating systems. 

By simply using a cross-platform, you can reduce stress, reduce the cost of mobile app development while still having access to quality app features. 

If investing in hybrid apps can offer all features and complexities that you’re looking for in your mobile app, then I think leveraging cross-platform development could be the most important decision for cost reduction

#3. Continuous Testing

Research by Kobiton explained that 79% of companies, including enterprises and SMEs would invest more in testing and additionally increase tester headcount by 2021. 

If this massive number of companies are thinking so much about testing, then I think there’s something you need to know. 

Many software contains bugs, including mobile apps which are uncontrollably fed in at every stage. 

If you don’t fix these bugs when they are at their weakest state during the design stage, you might have to spend a lot more money on fixing them in the future or during the implementation and testing phase. 

So if you plan to keep your cost under control, it’s wise to break down the mobile app development process into minuscule stages and conduct testing for each stage. 

#4. Agile Technology

Using Agile technology helps you cut down on pricing by breaking down the software development process into secondary development cycles of simple, easy-to-handle tasks, providing set deliverables at the end of each stage, and ultimately helping to measure the progress of the project. 

The agile technology ensures proper planning, reviews while also taking care of testing at each sprint of the project. 

With Agile development, the app developers and testers can unitedly complete each minuscule task of each stage and notify the stakeholder about the progress. 

Overall, this kind of technology doesn’t only allow you to keep your cost under control, it also offers fast development and ensure compliance with the project specifications. 

#5. MVP Versions

MVP, meaning Minimum Viable Product isn’t just only a one-step cost reduction solution, it’s an efficient, effective way of identifying errors and analysing software before it’s launched for profitable or internal use. 

The MVP is typically a test site for analysing and testing the viability of the software product before it’s considered usable for commercial purposes. 

With an MVP, you wouldn’t only be able to keep the cost under check, you can carve out all bugs fed in during the mobile app development process ahead of the full-scale launching process, which largely reduces unnecessary testing and optimizes the nuances of the app. 

MVP ensures you’re creating an error-free mobile app that resonates with your company’s target market. 

Unlike other full-fledged apps out there, you won’t need to invest too much energy or need many people or money; the whole process is very easy to set up. 

Wrapping Up

The process to reduce mobile app development costs isn’t as complicated as you think is, by simply following the process or trends outlined in this post, you can start saving more money on your mobile app development projects, saving up 30% of the amount you’d spend normally. 

Do you think of developing superior performance mobile apps? 

If Yes, the software professionals at Fortyseven Software Professionals https://fortyseven47.com are ready to help you with the latest designs that work. Once we know what you want, we’ll get our hands dirty and come up with mobile app(s) beyond your expectations.


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