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Airthings Wave Mini Review

The Airthings Wave Mini is an easy setup, wirelessly connected and battery-operated device that effectively monitors indoor air quality, with no installation required. I take a look in this review.

With air pollution causing frequent episodes of smog, the quality of your indoor air has become a major concern. We feel safe from the pollutants once we enter our house; but do our houses really protect us from toxic gases and SPMs? Our naked eyes can never perceive the dangerous pollutants that contaminate the air inside our houses. That’s when an air quality monitor comes in.

The Airthings Wave Mini is one such minimalistic air-quality monitor that you can install in your house. Unlike other such devices, the Wave mini features minimal complexity and is also rather inexpensive. Let’s see what this IOT device offers.

What is the Airthings Wave Mini?

Like the Wave and Wave Plus air quality monitors by Airthings, Wave Mini too is a smart air quality monitor that tracks chemicals, temperature, mods, and humidity in your vicinity. It makes you aware of the air-borne irritants in your home.

What’s in the Box?

airthings wave mini whats in the box

The Wave Mini is just a miniature version of its predecessor, the Wave Plus. it measures around 4.1*4*1.8 inches and weighs approximately 5 ounces.

airthings wave mini review close up

It has an LED indicator in the centre that glows in different colours indicating the current air quality. The sensors of the device are located near the bottom edge. It has a smooth, flat surface, allowing it to be mounted on a wall or snapped onto a flat surface like a table or a shelf.

Installing Airthings Wave Mini in Your Home:

The Airthings Wave Mini runs on three AA batteries that are included in the pack. Once you turn it on, you would be instructed to pair the device with the Airthings Companion App. You just have to register or log in to an existing account.

It comes with its own stand for placing on a shelf, or a removable magnetic backplate which with 1 screw can be mounted on a wall and then snapped into place.

Mobile App

The app will prompt you about the pairing process and tell you how to start the device.

airthings wave mini app setup airthings wave mini app air quality dashboard

The Wave Mini must be kept at least three feet away from the windows or vents for accurate readings. After setting up the device, it will take about an hour to detect the quality of air in the surroundings and display the readings. The Wave Mini will take about a week to calibrate, after which it will run smoothly on its own.

Understanding Airthings Wave Mini:

The Airthings Wave Mini flashes different colours indicating the quality of the air. You just need to wave your hand in front of the device and it will immediately indicate the current air-quality status. Here’s what the different colours indicate:

  • Green: The current air-quality is good.
  • Yellow: The air quality is nearing the maximum recommended level.
  • Red: High levels of pollutants have been detected in the proximity.

You can monitor the air-quality status from your smartphone, too, just by tapping on the app icon. The app shows similar colour-coded statuses, but you would also be able to see current readings for TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), temperature, and even humidity. The app also saves your reading history, so that you can monitor the air quality with weekly, monthly, and yearly averages.

If you have multiple Airthings devices in your home or office, this app can also show you readings of different rooms side-by-side, allowing you to compare the data. As an additional feature, the device can also display the outdoor air-quality.

Airthings Wave Mini: At a Glance

The Wave Mini is undoubtedly a great entry-level smart air-quality monitor. It can help you detect the fluctuations in your indoor air-quality, which can prevent the onset of dangerous consequences. The valuable real-time information lets you know when to let fresh air in, or when to bring in a humidifier. Here’s a summary of the pros and cons:


  • Can monitor indoor VOCs, temperature, and humidity levels.
  • Easy to install and understand.
  • Can be synchronized with Airthings companion app that contextualizes air quality readings.


  • Allows fewer Smart Home integrations that its predecessors.
  • Can detect relatively few air pollutants.

I hope you found this Airthings Wave Mini Review useful, if you’re looking for a discreet reliable air quality monitor, you won’t go wrong with this device from Airthings.

>> The Airthings Wave Mini is available on Amazon UK from £67.00


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