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GlobaLink 20W Fast Charger Review

In what seems to some of us like a remarkably short space of time, we’ve gone from devices like iPads being science fiction to being integral parts of our lives. Unfortunately, this can lead to frustration when you need to use your Apple device, but you’ve inadvertently let the battery run flat.

That’s where fast charging comes in. Check out my GlobaLink 20W fast charger review for all the details.

The GlobaLink offering in the fast charging space is a compact 20W iPhone and iPad charger that promises to charge your devices up to 3x faster than a regular charger, but is it as good as it promises? Let’s take a look.

What You Get

GlobaLink 20W Fast Charger Review - whats in the box

Included in the box with the GlobaLink 20W fast charger is the charger itself—a typical wall charger block with a USB-C port—a 2m long USB-C to Lightning charger cable, and the product manual. And, as the promotional material confidently declares, that is all you will need.

The block itself is not the smallest wall charger you will find on the market, but neither is it over-sized, and it’s certainly on par with other fast chargers.

The other advantage over other typical wall chargers is that it has two USB outputs, one USB-A and one USB-C allowing you to power 2 devices at the same time.

GlobaLink 20W Fast Charger Review - Dual USB Outputs

The cable is good quality, and 2m is a relatively generous length for an iPhone or iPad charger, as you would typically be looking at buying a separate cable for anything longer than that anyway.

Power Comparisons

When looking at the difference in power delivery, there are only really two things to compare PD power—the USB technology that enables fast charging—to, and those are regular USB and Lightning. USB 2.0, which is the typical standby when comparing fast charging technology, can, on average, get an iPad Pro 10.5” from 0% to 45% in around 75 minutes. This time is improved slightly with USB 3.0, which can deliver around 18W of power, and is equal to some lower powered fast charging options. With the GlobaLink 20W option, you can get from 0% to 80% in that same 75-minute window.

As far as Lightning goes, a standard 5W adaptor will take 45 minutes to get from 0% to around 30% charge, whereas a GlobaLink 20W adaptor will get to 70% in the same time frame.


As you should expect from a device designed to pump your expensive Apple products full of electricity, this charger comes with plenty of safety features packed in. Your devices should be protected from overcharging, surges, and there is an internal temperature sensor to ensure that the charger itself doesn’t get too hot.


If you’re an Apple person, this charger will be appealing for you… because it is designed for you. Unfortunately, for people who don’t own Apple products—or have a few non-Apple products lying around—this charger will be less appealing because it is only compatible Lightning-based Apple devices.

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed this GlobaLink 20W fast charger review. If you have iPads and iPhones, the GlobaLink 20W fast charger is a compelling option that is safe, fast, and compact. If you have non-Apple devices or Apple devices that don’t use Lightning, you might want to consider an alternative that is compatible with all your gear.

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