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Is Email Hygiene Important In 2021?

The year 2020 might have taught you the importance of hygiene. We all know the importance of washing away bacteria and keeping ourselves away from illness. The same goes for your email marketing. Just like your personal hygiene, your email hygiene is as well important.

Many of us google the ‘best time to send email’ and let our emails flow into the receiver’s inbox! But, do you know that there might be so many inactive subscribers who do not even read your emails? This activity wastes your time and also surprises you with fewer sales than expected. This is where email hygiene comes into the picture and saves you from sending emails in the receiver’s ‘spam’ or ‘unread’ section.

What Is Email Hygiene?

You already know that email marketing provides power to your business and doing it the right way can prove to be a blessing for you. Let us make it clear to you that sending 100s of emails won’t generate leads. Sending emails to customers who are interested in your business and who always keep an eye on your brand will help you get expected leads.

Email hygiene is a method that helps you remove all the unwanted, cold, or inactive subscribers from your mailing list so that you are left with only those people who are interested in your company. It keeps your inbox neat and organized.

Is Email Hygiene Crucial?

Email hygiene was crucial but has become more crucial now. The Email Service Providers (ESPs) dig deep into how your email is being looked upon. If your email goes unattended or unengaged, it is likely to mean that your subscribers are least interested in your company.

Here are some points that will make it clear to you why email hygiene is crucial:

  • It boosts your engagement rate
  • It maintains the sender’s respect
  • It increases your company’s ROI

Best Email Hygiene Practices You Must Have In 2021

There are a few practices you must follow in today’s time. This will enable you to ease your email hygiene process. These are:

  • Horizontal & Vertical Data Consistency
  • Eliminating Duplicates
  • Removing People Who Never Engage With You
  • Keep A Tab On Data Quality

1.Horizontal Consistency

Horizontal consistency means checking the complete data of your subscriber. Imagine your excel sheet and the data of people. Suppose that your subscriber named Jack has an email [email protected], then you need to re-check because there is something fishy with the name and the email.

Now take another example; Jack works in a company called Zealmax but the company ID is given as [email protected]. Here again, you would have to re-check the list as there is no match between the company name and its ID.

2.Vertical Consistency

Vertical consistency means looking at the data list as a whole. Imagine your excel sheet and verify if your column of email addresses contains just emails or does it contain any misfit. For instance, the column of email address contains Jack. This will be something to change because Jack is not an email ID. Check for all the inconsistencies and solve them as soon as possible.

3.Eliminating Duplicates

Just as the name suggests, duplicates are all the data that exist more than once. Let’s take it like this – Jack Twain is a user with the mail ID [email protected]. But when you research your data list, you find out that there are 2 more entries on the name of Jack Twain with mail IDs [email protected] and [email protected] respectively. This might be a problem for you as you are sending emails to all the 3 addresses but the receiving person is the same.

In most cases, Jack is likely to open only 1 of his email to check your mail. You think you have sent three emails but you got either 1 or no sales. But in reality, your mail was received by just 1 person. That is why eliminating duplicate entries is as well important.

4.Remove People Who Never Engage With You

Identify inactive subscribers from your list and remove them immediately. People who do not engage with your emails show that they are not interested in what you want them to know. They are of no use to your company. So it is better to schedule a re-engagement campaign for them. If they engage, keep them in your list else you can remove them. They are probably never going to care about your emails.

5.Keep A Tab On Data Quality

Keeping an eye on your data quality is much required. This helps you to check how your email performance – better or worse than before. You must be having a bad data quality if your mails face any of these:

  • Low click-through rates
  • Emails going to spam box
  • Low open rates
  • High bounce rate

If you experience all or any of these, you need to change your style and implement a better manner.

Wrapping Up

It must be now clear to you what email hygiene is and why it is so important in 2021. Just like you keep yourself and your house hygiene, you need to treat your email marketing campaign in the same way and save yourself from mailing people who are not interested in your company.


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