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The New Privacy Features Of iOS 14.5

The roll-out of the latest iOS 14.5 has caused quite a stir amongst its communities and digital marketers. Apple introduced a string of security and privacy features that empower the users by giving a little more control of their data.

Here are some of the privacy features of iOS 14.5:

App Tracking Transparency

This has been the most significant privacy feature amongst others in iOS 14.5 and ipadOS 14.5. With this app, developers have to seek permission from the users to track their data.

The data was previously tracked by various apps and used for targeted ads using Facebook and Google. The ATT feature allows users to opt-in or opt-out of this scenario and gives them a choice.

Facebook has had open debates with Apple since this would affect their small businesses who leveraged targeted ads for their growth. Digital marketers across the world are pretty concerned since their strategies and tactics will need to be revised.

Thus, the lesser there is visibility on conversion data, the more there’s room for ambiguity. This means that digital marketers won’t have eyes on critical parameters that previously drove their strategies.

Due to these, Facebook will face repercussions since now it has to modify and tweak its ad revenue model.

In the previous version of iOS, users had to opt-out of this option manually, but now, they will be actively asked by the system if they want to opt-in for this option.

In such a scenario, users will tend to become more vigilant. A majority of them will opt out of the option, causing massive data loss and revenue for businesses everywhere.

Privacy And Safety Features While Browsing

Apple will add another layer to Google’s safe browsing feature using its own servers so that the tech giant has lesser visibility on the users’ data.

Apple Privacy Features Of iOS 14.5

In Apple’s native browser, they’ve introduced a feature called the Fraudulent Warning Sign. This is to warn the users when they’re entering or trying to access a suspicious phishing website.

Other Safety Features

Besides these, there’s another safety feature associated with the air tags or compatible Bluetooth devices.

If there’s an item like an unknown air tag that someone has left with you to track your real-time location, Apple has a feature that notifies you of it. There’s also an option for you to turn off this feature.


In the last couple of years, Apple has laid a lot more emphasis on privacy and security when compared to the time before and the new privacy features Of iOS 14.5 continue that effort. It has been at the forefront of some of its widely popular marketing campaigns. Ironical, right?

But at this pace, it is expected that Apple might take further steps in its subsequent roll-outs to enable its users to take control of their data and push the envelope by enforcing a habit of choosing privacy.


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