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What Does the Future Hold for Self-Service Software?

Self-service software plays a critical role for all businesses hoping to offer a high standard of customer service. This is because customer expectations for self-service software are incredibly high, and as these customer expectations change it is vital that the capabilities of the industry change with it. So, what does the future hold for self-service software? What changes are we seeing in the industry now, and what changes should we expect to see in the future from digital service development providers? Here’s everything you need to know:

What is Self-Service Software?

As a brief overview or reminder, self-service software is software that delivers electronic support to customers as a form of customer service support, answering frequently asked questions, providing information, and generally delivering support without the need for a paid customer service representative to provide this same service. Self-service software is appealing because it is affordable. It allows businesses to offer 24/7 customer service support. It puts customers in control of their own customer service experience, enabling them to process the information they need at their own pace.

Customers Want Things to Be Easy

If you take home only one lesson from this piece it should be this: customers want to access information and support to be easy. And the younger your target customer, the more unlikely it is that they will call a customer service support line for advice, preferring to do everything online instead. Millenials hate talking on the phone; they consider phone calls invasive and a waste of time and money. Millennial consumers expect businesses to offer online support, and they expect to be able to access this outside of business hours, at a time that is convenient to them. What you are effectively selling here is a positive customer experience; your self-service offering should be extensive and should reflect your brand standards and values. End-to-end digital solutions could well be the right way to achieve this goal: assessing every aspect of your self-service implementation, from strategy to implementation, every touchpoint that your customer could take would be fully assessed, with their ultimate satisfaction in mind.

Facilitating Easy Transitions

Whilst many consumers are reluctant to talk to a customer services operator, when necessary, there will be circumstances where the intervention of a human operative will be needed. One of the newest iterations of self-service software recognises when this intervention is needed and can arrange the transfer between automated and live support seamlessly by encouraging the consumer to click to talk to an advisor via chat, voice, or video. In the future it is forecast that this click to orchestrate transition won’t be necessary, and the relationship between self-service systems and human operators will be even more seamless than it already is.

As the artificial intelligence that drives self-service software and its ability to anticipate what a customer’s question will become more advanced, it is hoped that this need for human operators will be mitigated further anyway. Self-service is clearly the future of customer support: and that future is happening right now.


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