How to Help Your Remote Team Work Smarter

I take a look at ways to help your remote team work smarter, including communications, software systems and building a sense of community.

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Many people have found themselves managing remote teams in recent months, which can present many challenges. It takes a slightly different approach to manage a remote team as opposed to an office-based one, but it’s something you can quickly adapt to. If you’ve recently found yourself managing a remote team, then there’s no need to panic. Some small changes to your management style are all that is needed, and you can get your team running like clockwork. Lets take a look at ways to help your remote team work smarter.

Help Your Remote Team Work Smarter

Clear Communication

When you’re working with a remote team, it’s more important than ever that you’re communicating effectively. Your team needs to be able to work together as a unit, and you’re the person who has to facilitate this.

It’s one thing being able to communicate when everyone’s together in one room, but it’s a different challenge when everyone is spread out across the world. To overcome this, you need to have a clear idea of how you want to communicate and make sure it’s a big focus.

Put the Right Systems in Place

It’s almost impossible to work as a remote team if you’re not using the right technology.

One of the reasons we have the ability to work remotely these days is because of innovations such as cloud computing, so make sure you’re using this to good effect. The right software will allow you to collaborate in real-time and minimise the challenges associated with not being together in one place.

Don’t forget about security either. Think about Cloud Security and make sure you have a plan to keep your business protected.

Focus on Outcomes Rather Than Time

As a manager, when people are office-based, you can keep track of what they’re doing; however, when you’re managing a remote team, this isn’t always the case.

It’s tempting to wonder if your team members are really putting in the hours.

However, what matters is not time spent working but outcomes. Focus on outcomes and don’t feel the need to micromanage your staff. You can still keep them accountable, but it’s much more effective to do it by judging outcomes.

Set Clear Expectations

This might be your first time working with a remote team, but it’s important you set clear expectations.

Processes might change slightly, but everyone should know what they’re working towards and how they fit into the strategy.

If you set clear expectations from the very beginning, then there’s no ambiguity.

Build a Sense of Community

Working remotely isn’t necessarily easy for your team.

Many people miss the sense of community associated with working in an office, and when they’re not a part of that, they can feel isolated. You want your employees to feel comfortable no matter where they’re working from, so try to build a sense of community.

There’s still room to add the personal touch to what you’re doing, and this is something that can be greatly appreciated. You might be communicating through a computer, but it’s still important to be human and approachable.

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