Working from Home Tech

Working from Home Tech

The pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives, from the way we carry ourselves to how we view travel and social interactions, but it’s also massively changed how we work. The majority of countries around the globe entered a form of lockdown which prohibited leaving homes except for emergencies, and that meant huge swathes of workers had to come to terms with the prospect of working from home.

Prior to the pandemic, a lot of white collar workers would simply turn up to work, do their jobs and go home. Many did not take their work home with them because there was no need, and this meant that when the pandemic hit, a lot of people ended up working from their dining tables or their sofas because they didn’t have a home office set up.

Fast forward a year and the effects of the pandemic have meant that remote working is increasingly becoming the norm, at least to the extent of a lot of companies looking to enforce a flexible working regimen.

For those who are still working from their living room or their dining room but now need to invest in a proper home office, here are some of the most essential bits of tech that you need to start working from home effectively.

Working from Home Tech

  1. Dual Screen Setup

There are two types of people in the world: those who work with two screens, and those who haven’t yet been enlightened to the joys of working from multiple monitors. If you’re the latter, make sure you incorporate a dual screen setup into your remote working office. It might seem frivolous to have more than one monitor, but we promise you that it will change your life.

You will save so much time by not having to switch between tabs – you can have your internet browser on one screen and your emails on another screen. This will ensure you’re able to work more efficiently and reduce the strain on your eyes from looking at one smaller screen.

The size of the monitor you choose will depend on your office and desk space, but don’t be afraid to go larger if you have the space for it.

  1. Bluetooth Speakers

Working remotely can, undoubtedly, be lonely. Offices provide hustle and bustle, and whilst this can sometimes be distracting, it’s usually better than the deafening sound of silence. If you’re working from home and you live alone, it’s worth investing in some Bluetooth speakers. You don’t need to listen to ultra-upbeat pop songs or hardcore rock; in fact, listening to classical music is great for concentration and will add some extra life to your office in replacement of the usual background chatter.

  1. Headset

Whilst working remotely, one of the best pieces of tech you can invest in is a decent headset. Microphones and speakers on laptops or computers aren’t always the best, so buying a headset with a good sound and audio quality is essential – especially if you’re planning on taking calls and having virtual meetings from home.

If you share your home office or have to juggle caring/parental duties with work, having a headset will mean you can take calls without distracting anyone else in the home (aside from your replies, that is).


These are just a few of the pieces of tech you should look to invest in if you’re going to start working from home. There might be other things you need, such as a good keyboard, a wireless mouse or even a Wi-Fi booster to ensure your internet connection doesn’t drop, but the need for these will depend largely on your individual circumstances.

Generally speaking, everyone can benefit from the listed three gadgets. What are your working from home tech staples?


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